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Cloud-based smart access control for elevators

As electrified entrances, elevators prepare for wired online solutions. These particular gateways have two main needs:

  • Limit calling to authorized persons: only authorized credentials can call the elevator once they are in front of one of the doors;
  • Limit floor calls: once the elevator itself is called, one has the option of going only to the floors authorized for the credential used.

The elevator is a complex gateway, and its management requires a credential reader associated with a relay that interfaces with the elevator relay layer. Smart credential readers allow access to be validated with RFID cards or virtual credentials managed through smartphone apps. The moment credentials are validated on the floor, authorized commands for the credentials in use are also activated.

Sofia Locks Access Control for Elevators

Sofia Locks offers the widest range of elevator access control solutions.

Main functionalities

  • Smartphone access
  • Resilient to internet downtime
  • Control of individual plans
  • RFID badge holder
  • Flexible system
  • Maximum compatibility

Access control integration options for elevators

Call to the floor

The perfect solution when the elevator provides access to multiple reserved floors from a lobby. This system is easy to install and cheaper, but it only controls who can access the elevator.

With ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies actuators, users can call the elevator to the floor with their physical (RFID card, fob) or virtual (smartphone) credentials.

Plan selection

The solution that offers complete control, with granular selection of user-accessible plans. This solution is perfect for buildings housing multiple tenants or companies.

With ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies actuators, users can call the elevator to the floor with their physical (RFID card, fob) or virtual (smartphone) credentials.

Access control with traditional push-button panel

In traditional push-button panel solutions you have a credential reader connected to one or more actuators. On the different floors, the control authorization is forwarded to the relays that enable the floor buttons inside the elevator.
From the point of view of network connection, a physical connection ensures faster implementation speed (i.e., a physical connection between the relay and the actuator). However, a Smart Gateway with secure Bluetooth connection to the player and WiFi or PoE to cloud-based control systems can also be integrated.

Solutions with touchpad and software layer

The latest generation elevators have a digital controller on board, instead of traditional pushbuttons and relay battery: a touchpad is installed inside the elevator instead of buttons. Integration is always possible but must be evaluated at the software level: the opening commands are sent to the elevator control system (and no longer to the actuator), which will turn them into a digital command; consequently, it is the software level that will show the user the authorized options on the touchpad screen.

Sofia Locks supports integration with all modern elevator management systems with local or cloud-based servers.

Elevator access credentials

RFID and smart access

If the implementation of access with physical credentials such as RFID cards or fobs is required, it will be necessary to install an external reader capable of reading these credentials. In addition, the reader will have a Bluetooth antenna for validating virtual credentials.

Smart access only

If only virtual credential validation is required, a smart relay can be installed that can communicate with smartphones through a secure Bluetooth antenna. Simply open the Credential Management App near the elevator lobby to activate it.
Sofia Locks and ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies also offer HyperTag, the innovative technology that allows the smartphone to be used as if it were an RFID card, validating credentials only by placing the smartphone next to the HyperTag.

Smart access control and trained elevator technicians

Elevators are subject to strict and precise security regulations, so the access control system must interface with the field level defined by the elevator management specialists. For this reason, it is essential to have flexible and compatible technology that can natively support most use cases, and quickly adapt to special cases.