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The huge spread of short-term rentals in Italy

The phenomenon of short-term rentals is growing strongly in Italy, and represents the current trend in the real estate market.

One of the reasons for growth is undoubtedly due to internet booking platforms that make the meeting between supply and demand extremely easy.

According to a study by Sole 24 Ore, announcements on the various short-term rental portals have registered a + 53% only in the last year.

The services that are offered to the owners of the facilities, such as the care of online advertisements, cleaning, bureaucratic requirements, photographic services, up to the complete management of the property, have also multiplied.

Fully entrusting the management of the house can cost up to 30% of income.

The delegation of the check-in and check-out services reduces the collection of money by 10–12%, without considering the costs related to the management and loss of the keys.

From today, thanks to Otello, it is possible to automate the process of managing the keys.

Otello is an application for remotely managing situations in which the generation of short-term credentials is required.

Using Otello you can send a virtual key to your guests directly from your smartphone, so as to eliminate the need to give them a physical key to enter into the space allocated to them, reducing costs by 90%.

The system consists of two apps:

  • Otello Host: by phone (iOS, Android), tablet (iOS, Android), computer (browser) — to administer reservations and control key management.
  • Otello Guest: app for customers that allows you to enter the property, available for (iOS and Android).

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