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The right lock for every door

Even if it may seem strange to you, every door needs its lock. If the door is inside or outside, if it is electrified or not, if it has a European cylinder or not, if it is a door with a narrow or wide profile, it is necessary to have the right lock for the right door.

Thanks to the collaboration with ISEO Serrature, we have 4 different types of smart locks. Thus, we are able to satisfy all your needs, for each type of door, gap or passage.



Libra can be installed on new doors, in combination with any lock fitted with a hole for a European cylinder, and also in retrofit on existing doors, replacing any cylinder, even mechanical, with a European profile (according to EN1303 standard).

The built-in credential reader allows the use of various devices for access management, such as cards, RFID (radio frequency) TAGs and Bluetooth mobile phones.


Aries electronic handle plate can be installed on most of the doors on the market place.

It was designed to be combined with most mechanical locks, ensuring the maximum installation flexibility.

The battery operation and the absence of electrical connections make ARIES the ideal solution for access management ensuring maximum flexibility and low installation costs, both for new installations and for retrofit on existing doors.


Stylos allows you to directly control electromechanical locks and electrical meetings or, using the integrated relay, any other gate control devices such as parking bars, sliding doors, electric locks. The components of Stylos Line are equipped with a self-regulating power supply of 8V DC to 30 V DC which guarantees maximum flexibility and allows in most cases the use of an existing power supply even in the presence of deterioration of the theoretical parameters.


X1R is an electronic lock for armored doors. Enriching the mechanical base of normal locks with the electronic components of the new X1R lock, it’s possible to make access to your homes more smart, practical and secure.

The X1R locks are interchangeable with the dimensional standards of normal mechanical locks and the necessary electrical connections are easier to install than one might imagine. This is an absolutely innovative and reliable product.