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Access control solutions that bring flexibility, multi-tenant support, and as-a-service models in large areas

A multi-tenant building for commercial and workplace usage is a vibrant hub where diverse businesses coexist under one roof. However, managing such a dynamic space poses challenges. Coordinating between tenants, resolving conflicts, and sharing resources require effective communication and coordination.

One of the key challenges is ensuring secure access control. Each tenant needs their own secure space while having limited access to common areas. An advanced access control system, using technologies like access cards, biometrics, or digital codes, regulates entry to specific areas, ensuring authorized individuals gain access.

In addition, a growing trend in the real estate industry is the incorporation of shared spaces. These spaces foster collaboration and networking among tenants from different industries. Managing shared spaces involves creating an inclusive environment that meets individual needs while encouraging interaction and innovation.

To support this trend, access control features must enable seamless management of shared spaces. The system should facilitate easy booking or reservation, control visitor access, and track usage to ensure fair allocation and efficient operations. With the right management strategies and access control measures, multi-tenant buildings become thriving communities where businesses connect and flourish.

Sofia part of ISEO assists real estate operators and investors by providing Luckey’s unbeatable performance in various aspects. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for both end-users and managers, while meeting the highest security and compliance standards, including GDPR. The flexibility of Luckey is showcased through its wide range of smart lock solutions, wireless access control options, and efficient installation process. Moreover, Luckey contributes to ESG compliance by reducing material consumption, enabling remote maintenance, and simplifying local maintenance. Its native cloud framework and standard APIs facilitate smooth integration with modern digital services, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Managed common areas shared among multiple tenants in few clicks
  • Share lock with 3rd party tenants for a decentralised management
  • Support flexibility, offering diversification, rapid refurbishment and pro-active decision making
  • Be operative right away with a plug and play solution that fits every gate
  • Streamline operations and easily manage personnel turn over with full security
  • Provide the best access management experience to any number of tenants and their final users
  • Meet user needs and ESG principles with our cutting edge technology

MUTLTI-TENANT WORKPLACES access control solution

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The most flexible and advanced access control solution FOR MULTI-TENANT WORKPLACES

Luckey, the cloud-native access control solution by Sofia part of ISEO, delivers business park users with the best and most secure access experience. With its advanced security features, financial-grade standards, and full GDPR compliance, Luckey ensures the highest level of protection for users and their assets. The user-friendly interface further enhances the access experience, making it seamless and hassle-free.


Luckey offers the convenience of mobile credentials and smartphone access. Users can easily access authorized structures and amenities within the park using their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards.


Luckey’s Bookey plugin enables self-service resource booking for business park users. Whether it’s meeting rooms, event spaces, or shared facilities, users can effortlessly book and manage their resource needs through the user-friendly interface, saving time and streamlining the booking process.


Luckey ensures secure and user-friendly access to diverse authorized structures and amenities in business parks. With advanced security features and compliance with industry standards, users can feel confident in the protection of their data and belongings while enjoying a seamless and intuitive access experience, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Luckey, the cloud-native access control solution by Sofia part of ISEO, revolutionizes access management for multi-tenant buildings facility managers. With its advanced features and seamless integration, Luckey streamlines operations and provides the best and most secure access management experience. Facility managers can efficiently manage access permissions, monitor activities, and streamline operations, ensuring a secure and well-managed business park environment.


Luckey offers multi-tenant buildings facility managers the full control over access roles and rules. With full control over roles and permissions through the web portal, managers can easily control users’ permissions, onboard new collaborators, and create custom roles with different visibility and permissions, ensuring efficient and tailored access management.


Luckey provides sub-plants management for multi-tenant buildings facility managers. Whether it’s a multi-floor building or multiple buildings within the park, this feature allows managers to partition the management by floor or location, granting admin rights and autonomy to local personnel for effective and decentralized control.


With the temporary invitations feature, Luckey enables business park facility managers to manage temporary access easily. By sharing a simple invitation code, managers can grant temporary access to the building, and users can also invite their own guests in accordance with their access rights, ensuring flexibility and convenience while maintaining security protocols.

F9000 Mechatronic Hyper Key

Luckey’s key feature for multi-tenant building facility managers is the Sofia part of ISEO F9000 Mechatronic Hyper Key. With this feature, managers can efficiently manage all doors within the park, whether they are mechanical or electrical, from a single platform. This enables easy and flexible access to technical rooms and remote sites, with the added benefits of event logging and remote access credential management, providing constant control over the system.

Sofia part of ISEO solutions deliver multi-tenant building real estate developers the best and most secure access management, enhancing flexibility and sustainability. Our innovative access control solutions offer a wide range of smart lock options and wireless access control, enabling developers to customize and adapt access systems according to project needs. Additionally, Sofia part of ISEO’s commitment to ESG principles promotes sustainability in business park development, with features like material reduction and remote maintenance contributing to environmental goals.


Luckey provides easy integration with Building Management Systems (BMS). Through APIs, energy-saving information can be sent from the Luckey system to the BMS, and building status information can be displayed in the Luckey mobile app, enhancing energy efficiency and providing comprehensive insights.


With Luckey’s multi-site management feature, real estate developers can efficiently manage different buildings from a single software. This allows for remote and real-time management, aggregating analytics from multiple buildings in one platform.


Luckey’s advanced analytics platform provides real-time big-data analytics, consolidating data from multiple buildings onto a single platform. Developers can customize dashboards and reports according to company standards, offering valuable insights into building performance. Custom real-time reporting ensures live updates on buildings, facilitating informed decision-making and effective management.

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