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Access control solutions that revolutionizes office spaces by enhancing security and streamlining operations

Hybrid working and the evolution of corporate offices have transformed the way we work. Technology plays a vital role in managing activity-based working models, where employees have the flexibility to choose where they work based on their tasks. Access control systems ensure secure entry to different areas of the office, while room booking systems allow employees to reserve meeting spaces and resources. These technologies optimize office space utilization and provide a safe and controlled environment.

Room booking systems are another important technology for managing activity-based working. These systems allow employees to reserve meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, or other resources based on their needs. Advanced room booking systems often integrate with digital calendars and office management platforms, making it easy for employees to schedule meetings, check room availability, and optimize the utilization of office spaces.

As hybrid working continues to gain prominence, technology will continue to evolve, meeting the needs of this new work paradigm and ensuring a productive and engaging work environment.

Luckey is the cloud-native Sofia part of ISEO access control solution for future-proof real estate projects, with dedicated features for modern offices and workplaces

  • Native SSO integration with Microsoft365 and Google Workplace
  • Easier workforce management, with a more secure premises management
  • Be operative right away with a plug and play solution that fits every gate
  • Streamline operations and boost self-service with resource booking
  • Manage users turn over, multi-tenancy, and even multi-site without hassle

WORKPLACES AND OFFICES access control solution

Get a solution that fits your business needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.

The most flexible and advanced access control solution for modern OFFICE spaces

Modern office spaces require technology-driven solutions for managing flexible work arrangements, such as access control systems, room booking systems, and collaborative tools, to optimize productivity, enhance employee well-being, and facilitate seamless communication and collaboration.

Easy and secure is freedom

Change the way users interact with personal and common spaces by providing them the best access token for their needs. From RFID cards to personal smartphones, let users have the best modern interaction experience while maintaining them and your premises secure. 

Provide all the tools your EMPLOYEES need

Let users organize themselves with native self-service solutions for resource booking integrated with automatic access permission management. Organize events within the bundled Luckey App or with your own App and system and automatically assign entrance permissions to your employees.


With the native support of Single-Sign-On on Microsoft365, Google Workspace and SAML 2.0, Luckey can be easily integrated with any corporate identity provider, to have a seamless access authorization provisioning.

Coworking is all about the quality of services and spaces. Provide managers with the most secure solution to streamline operations and offer the best experience to customers without compromising safety and security.

Frequent or extraordinary services always without hassle

From daily cleaning routines to extraordinary maintenance to be performed in service rooms, Luckey offers control over different programmable access tokens such as personal smartphones, RFID cards, PINs, or mechatronic keys to access premises out of connection coverage. Every token can be set to expire after a convenient time.

Welcome new users in a few clicks, say goodbye to old credentials in one click

Security shall never be compromised with accessibility. With this mantra Sofia part of ISEO designed Luckey, the best in class access control manager panel that makes it easy to cope with users and personnel turn over without compromising security.

Choose your data retention policy and clearly notify your users

Get full control of the data stored in your access control solution enforcing good practices and complying with privacy regulations.ckey for real estate developers

Coworking chains leverage on unified access control to be present in different locations and cities with the same engaging experience. At the same time they are spaces for many companies to interact without compromising on data security. With Luckey multi-tenancy and multi-site come included.

Multi tenancy to get the best out of coworking spaces

Large coworking solutions offer accommodation for different companies that are sensible over their information and control over their offices. Sofia part of ISEO solutions are designed to securely isolate different tenants within the same access control environment.

Re-shape coworking spaces anytime and right away

Sofia part of ISEO offers a wide range of battery operated smart locks with one minute installation process. Offices and shared spaces can be easily reshaped anytime and right away by changing access rules on the manager panel, or even by moving smart locks to the new arrangement.

Multi-site by design to support coworking business at scale

Luckey access control solution natively supports multi-site management, ready to provide the same engaging experience that keeps users loving their preferred coworking chain when they access all across the globe.

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