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Value Added Resellers

Best in class cloud based access management Value Added Resellers (VAR).
Get in touch with our partner closest to you to find the best cloud based access management solution for you.

LBS by Foussier

LBS offers high-security solutions with a focus on high-quality, technologically advanced products, complemented by personalized support and a 5-year warranty on selected items, highlighting their dedication to reliability.


Wholesale company specialized in mechanical, mechatronic and electronic safety items.


Nauta is a family business, built on entrepreneurship, perseverance and hard work. We employ go-getters who put the customer first, think solution-oriented and focus on long-term relationships.


Lecot is a comprehensive supplier for construction professionals, offering a wide range of products from building hardware to personal protective equipment, emphasizing fast delivery and expert advice.


NOVET is a B2B sales company. Their product range includes facility-based solutions and access control systems.

Integral systeme

Discover Integral-Système, your building security specialist reserved for professionals for over 20 years.


FAR Networks is a leading Italian System Integrator, known for its innovative solutions in business contexts, working with top ICT vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and Samsung. They specialize in Network and Security, Datacenters, and Collaboration, including Microsoft Teams projects and meeting room setups. Their growth includes proprietary solutions like FAR Booking for smart working management and LARA, an IoT solution for the industry.


Peoplelink is a company aiming at bringing a radically different approach in managing the relationships and activities related to Human Resources Management. Peoplelink offers a cloud based, service oriented infrastructure where a set of solutions are supporting a number of HR related functionalities like T&A, Access Control, Travel and Expenses, Benefits and Services (Meals, Company Cars…) and more.


KLAB specializes in IoT solutions, transforming devices and locations into smart tools with limitless applications. They develop user-friendly software for businesses and startups, and manage corporate networking setups including Ethernet, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi. Their focus is on innovative technology that enhances operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Become a Value added Reseller

Add best in class cloud based SPACE management solutions to your catalogue

Get in touch with us and add the best cloud based technology to your offering.

Sofia part of ISEO solutions have been designed to meet the needs of work spaces, such as coworking and offices (flexible workspaces), residential spaces (flexible living) such as co-living, cohousing and social housing , as well as the world of retail . and logistics.

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