Mobile credentials allow you to authenticate a smartphone and let one use it as a key to open passages and access spaces and resources. The access control virtualization process transforms the physical keys, or badges, into mobile secure credentials that operate through the user's personal smartphone. This tecnology provides several economic and safety related advantages, in addition to the innumerable possibilities of developing smart solutions for all security needs.


The user receives the instructions to authorize his smartphone through a link contained, for example, in an email; he then downloads a dedicated App (Sofia Locks provides compatible Apps for iOS and Android), logs in by choosing a personal password, and he is ready to open all the gates for which authorization has been granted. Such simple interaction is also unrelated to where both the user and the manager who is taking care of his authorization are: the user's email address is all that is needed to deliver the virtual keys. Freedom from space and time constraints is the first advantage of access control virtualization, made possible by cloud technology, which transforms traditional solutions into services always available where and when they are needed.


Traditional keys, such as badges, can be lost or copied, posing a serious threat to corporate security and secure perimeters. Mobile credentials significantly increase security, solving all problems related to traditional access methods:

  • Credentials cannot be copied
  • Credentials are tied to the device on which they are authorized, they cannot be transferred to others
  • Credentials are always under the control of the manager and can be deactivated at any time with immediate effect
  • Credentials can be defined according to time plans
  • The access map of each credentials set can be modified according to requirements, adding or removing gates
  • Accesses are registered and the updated log is always available to the manager
  • Mobile credentials can be integrated with other digital services to increase security and flexibility

Mobile credentials are impossible to copy and always under manager's control. They are also associated with the user's personal device, which he will hardly lend to third parties.

Sofia Lock's access control solutions

Sofia Locks offers professional cloud access control systems.

  • Plug & play, compatible with any operating system, installs in a snap
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for users and managers
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Management of one or more buildings in any geographical area
  • Management of mobile credentials, badges, and integrated PIN
  • Management of gates and integrated resources (e.g. staff lockers)