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Access control for healthcare facilities


Healthcare facility safety

Hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, often constitute very large work environments, with the presence of people with different characteristics, needs, skills and attitudes (workers, patients, visitors, external companies, religious, specialists, students, etc. .), with the indispensable need to provide an excellent service 24 hours a day.

Secure design

A well-designed and implemented access control system serves to facilitate staff activity and improve the mood of users.
It is essential to guarantee safety and correct operation in all conditions of employment, for example in the presence of patients with motor and neurological difficulties, as well as in periods of high turnout of outsiders and visitors. Users need to perceive the structure that hosts them as a safe place, the presence of strangers and the behavior of healthcare personnel directly affect their mood. An effective access control helps users to feel at ease, at the same time freeing nurses and doctors from the need to face continuous unforeseen situations, putting them in the conditions to be able to give their best from a professional profile. The tangible result is the tranquility and privacy of patients.

Main needs of health facilities

Sofia Locks collaborates with healthcare professionals to better understand the needs of this specific market.

    The main entrance must allow safe access to large flows of users, including those with reduced motor skills, and facilitate exit during an emergency.
    The use of specific access control solutions is essential in order to ensure the safekeeping, storage and management of medicines within these areas.
    Inpatient wards are areas subject to intense flows of users such as guests, family members, doctors and nursing staff. The permanent antibacterial ANTIGERM treatment available on our panic devices optimally responds to preventive action against the spread of bacteria.
    These areas (e.g., thermal power plant, electrical, water, firefighting, etc.) have specific security requirements in that they must provide access only to authorized personnel.
    These entrances must comply with current regulations by ensuring safe egress even during emergency situations, thus helping to raise the safety level of the entire building.
    Electronic locks for the control and security of lockers within staff locker rooms or areas used by guests provide security and protection for operators’ personal belongings.

Simple, intuitive, remote management. Secure

A management panel available from your computer without having to install any application on your PC, Mac or Linux. And for when you are on the move, or remotely, the entire management from your smartphone, iOS or Android. The management system is protected by passwords and protocols that lock the solution with a level of security typical of the banking world.

On-line access control without wiring

Sofia Locks access control is a completely online system: remote opening of gates, real-time updating of access credentials, and instant reading of events. All this without the need to install servers at the facility: everything is in the cloud, with 24-hour guaranteed operation.

No wiring needed: the system allows completely on-line management using radio-connected locks (Bluetooth 4.0) and gateway devices that make them connected to Sofia Locks’ secure cloud.

Business today requires flexibility and remote and mobile management: the temptation to connect a traditional access control system to the Internet is always very strong, but this often exposes the system to important security holes. Sofia Locks, is designed to be connected to the internet, and therefore has been designed with all the necessary security criteria.


An access control system that seamlessy integrates smart cameras and smartlocks for a safe management compliant to anti Covid-19 measures.

Secure integration with our partners

Social distancing
Mask detection
Contact tracing
Traffic & Hot zones


Access control for the future health facilities

Luckey by Sofia Locks is the powerful and versatile management software for cloud access control.

  • Plug & play, compatible with any operating system, can be installed in an instant
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for users and managers
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Integrated management of gates and resources (e.g. personal lockers)