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Access control solution for co-living

From installation to use, cloud native solutions allow people to interact and manage spaces by breaking down all the traditional physical constraints.

The PropTech Sofia Locks technology has been designed to meet and anticipate the needs of flexible living spaces thanks to its modularity (what are co-living and cohousing).

Smart login. Digital Control.

Sofia Locks has designed its access control to easily adapt to any type of building, from residential to commercial projects, from new constructions to projects of revaluation, modernization or redefinition of spaces. PropTech technology allows for a completely flexible approach, as access control can be integrated into any phase of the project, from design to fit out.

The cloud solutions can also be customized according to the specific needs of the customer, thanks to complete APIs and the special intervention of the Sofia Locks research and development team. In this way it is possible to pursue special projects with ad hoc solutions, even if for the single site.

What is PropTech

How to best manage a co-living with Sofia Locks Luckey

  • Optimize space management: all spaces and buildings can be managed through a single panel, even if located in different geographical areas, simply by switching from one location to another with a click;
  • Manage permissions in real time and remotely: managers can manage access to multiple buildings with easily defined rules, in real time and remotely. In addition, they can grant access to new locations with a few clicks, by updating user permissions from the panel, without further effort;

How to manage roles and permissions?

Data and cost optimization in co-living

  • Updated statistics on the use of spaces: to obtain customizable analytics for business intelligence, a complete panel is provided, updated in real time;
  • Cut costs: from installation (find out how, talk to one of our experts) to the management of spaces and operations, cloud native systems allow the reduction and control of the costs of the structures.

Co-living, access services for users

The value of a co-living grows in proportion to the ancillary services it is able to offer to its customers. Sofia Locks solutions allow managers to activate countless services according to business needs, and users to access them autonomously and securely.

  • Virtual keys for any type of gate: users can access different gateways with just their smartphone, without having to remember the keys and worry about the loss or duplication of keys;
  • Loss of keys: thanks to virtual keys, users no longer have to remember physical keys and do not run the risk of losing them or having them stolen;
  • Event organization: thanks to Luckey App it is possible to have all the information on the scheduled events and the plans created in the co-living;
  • Temporary access: users can create temporary access keys for guests, if authorized and according to the rules defined by the manager;
  • Value-added services: users can check the availability of services through the Luckey App and book them independently.