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An overview about the products

Sofia Locks is an Italian company that offers a cloud access control system that allows to the smartphones to open doors and gates after receiving a remote access authorization. All this il possible without having to change the door: in fact, Sofia Locks uses a modern battery electronic cylinder technology that allows an easy retrofitting on existing doors and without requiring any electrical system.

Product: Otello

Otello is an application used to remotely manage situations in which the generation of short-term credentials is required in the accommodation department, but not only. All of these situations can be managed from the smartpthone, both for iOS and for Android. Using Othello you can send a virtual key to your customers directly from your smartphone, so as to eliminate the need to give them a physical key to enter into the space for them reserved.

Product: Luckey

Luckey is a software that allows you to remotely manage all situations in which it is necessary to generate long-term access credentials through an exact identification of the host. Using Luckey, you can send a virtual key to your guests directly from your smartphone (iOS and Android) to the smartphone of the host, eliminating the need to give them a physical key to enter into the room.

Products features

  • Real time remote key delivery
  • Very high security with fingerprints
  • Exact identification of the guest
  • Support for smartphones and pay cards
  • Non-duplicable key
  • Impossible to lose the key
  • Wired installations not required
  • No local server required
  • Multi-plant and multi-building management

Which are the best use cases?

  • For your business or your office: simplify the management of keys for your staff: no more cards, badges or physical keys; real time presence control; instant revocation of accesses.
  • For your real estate: you can save the costs of managing the reception at night! Allow your customers to enter the room at night by sending keys from your smartphone remotely; cancel access in real time following a booking canceled remotely.
  • For your Bed&Breakfast: the delivery of the keys for late check-in, while you are at work or while you are on a trip with your family is very complex to manage. With Sofia Jago you can comfortably manage everything remotely with your smartphone.

Are the customization possible?

Sofia Jago has been designed to be easily integrated into existing software solutions. Do you want to add to your management software an access control? With Jago it’s really simple and cheap. Sofia Jago is a cloud platform designed with the most modern web technologies. It has RestFul APIs that make it easy to integrate with third-part software like ERP, CRM, PMS.

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