The evolution of Luckey: an overview of the features released this year

During this last year, Luckey has evolved a lot, thanks to many different features which have been developed by our Product Development team. Here is an overview of all the different evolutions: Online open and turnstile management: this feature allows you to manage the opening of the turnstiles in a new and innovative way: by […]

Technology and sustainability to enable the evolutionary process of society

An interview with Maria Cristina Farioli, Director of Digital Strategy & Consulting Services @ RED Living the Future. Over the past few years, issues of sustainability and digitization have played an increasingly crucial role, abetted by the health and economic situation that have imposed new standards and required new means to meet new challenges. In […]

The latest on Luckey: the evolution of our product

Luckey has become even smarter and more innovative with the latest features released by our product development team over the past quarter. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our product manager, explains below the latest innovations, such as multi-side access control technology, offline remote control of events, and gives a small preview of upcoming features. Multi-architecture mobile technology Simplicity […]

Office mode: the new feature that makes it easier to manage the flow of people

The office mode is the latest feature released by our product development team, to simplify the management of the flow of people accessing company spaces. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Manager, provides us an overview in the following article. The office mode has been developed to meet the different needs of the users in workplace environments, […]

From physical key register to smart opening: here are the latest features from our product development team

During the last quarter our product development team has released numerous features in order to meet the needs of our customers and make Luckey, our App, more and more complete and competitive. Giovanni, our Product Manager illustrates us the features released during these months. Explore Button The explore button represents the revolution of Luckey’s graphical […]

A single partner for the safety and security of your buildings

As simple as it may seem a door, it is an essential element to access a building or several areas inside it, as it ensures its safety. Gateways have a crucial role in buildings, as they must not only ensure access and security, but also safety. In few words, gateways must allow users to leave […]

The latest features released by Sofia Locks’ product development team (March 2022)

Sofia Locks’ Product Development team is constantly improving our access control solution, by releasing features that allow our product to differentiate in safety, efficiency and responsiveness. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Director, illustrates the features that have been released this year. HyperLocks 2.0 Our electronic locks become even more modern thanks to the integration of the […]

PropTech solutions in all Italy

Sofia Locks PropTech solutions can be installed throughout Italy thanks to our network of trusted installers. Our technology has been tested in collaboration with leading European players in the Flex Workspace, Flex Living, and Flex Retail sectors. Our network of technicians can grant: Installation and maintenance services throughout Italy; Certified partner networks for plant installation […]

Simplify the management of the Green Pass with Luckey

The verification of the Green Pass to access to workspaces has been made mandatory by the current legislation. The verification of the Green Pass to access to workspaces has been made mandatory by the current legislation. Cloud-native access control solutions, like the ones of Sofia Locks, allow to simplify and accelerate the procedure. The cloud-native […]

The security PIN, the new authentication method of Luckey

The product development team of Sofia Locks has released a new feature that enables a new authentication method to access the Luckey Mobile App: the security PIN. It is asked to users every time that they access the App and can be supported by a biometric factor, according to the discretion of the user. Through […]