Risorse per il controllo accessi

What enables you to do business

How to enable coworking to do, or enhance, their business is the theme analysed by our CEO, Alessandro Nacci, during the interview made by Jean-Yves Huwart for the Coworking Europe Conference. The real estate market has really changed in the last few years, new social trends have spread, technological solutions have established [...]

Access control systems: from the origins to modern solutions

The working environment is facing a deep change, in the last months many of us have faced new challenges, turned their homes into offices, carried out different tasks and changed their habits. In this context technology has set itself as a de facto standard, it has allowed people to work from home, cut the distances and overcome obstacles [...]

Proptech solutions revolutionize the concept of business. An overview on the role of technology in the real estate industry

During the last few years technology has changed not only our lives but also the whole market. It is a flow of constant improvement that has overwhelmed everything that surrounds us, especially businesses. In this context, proptech has gained more and more importance and has become really widespread. With this term, we mean the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate [...]

Coworkings and flexible spaces: the new standard of the working environment

Remote and smart working have become more and more widespread in the last period due to the multiple changes that the whole society had to face. This situation has modified not only the working environment, but also the companies’ attitude, as employees have gone through a phenomenon of responsibilized freedom. Many workers have done different tasks, faced new challenges and gained more responsibilities [...]

How to overcome the crisis with cloud-native systems. An overview on innovative solutions for working spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic is having harsh consequences in the working sector. In the last months many people have been working from home, transforming their houses in their personal office, but this situation only represents a transitional period, as physical offices will maintain their importance for facilitating interaction, collaboration and, ultimately, for employee health, well-being and productivity [...]

Reshaping spaces to be ready for the re-start. How to improve safety and security during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

Unexpected events, like the Covid-19 pandemic, have led to crucial changes. Enterprises will have to face a transformation: they shall be prepared to respond to the changing environment, and be ready to re-start and eventually handle the new reality. The third step in particular, the re-start one, focuses on the workforce, the personnel and the assets protection, along with the working environment rearrangement [...]

How can the real estate react to the Covid-19 pandemic? From coworkings to flexible spaces

Social distancing and the lasting of the lockdown have had a burdening impact on most businesses, not only on the life and working situation of citizens: many companies are facing the uncertainty of their own future. To cope with the epidemic and to respond to safety regulations, more and more companies are looking to flexible models, which involve reshaping spaces, production, offering, and almost every face of the business itself [...]

Last generation hardware solution

The virtualization of access control is an effective response to the evolution of the labor market and the now mandatory safety requirements. This last-generation solution, characterized by a high level of reliability and technological solidity, has set itself as a new standard in the current landscape [...]

Technology is moving fast, so is Sofia Locks! A closer look on issues, technology, and solutions

In the near future, when the industry will stabilize after the Covid-19 pandemic shock and the restrictions of movements will be lifted, workers will begin to go back into the physical workplace. The transaction from the Work From Home (WFH) and the furlough to return to work will be different for every organization, the number of employees may vary, and many companies could decide to continue with working from home arrangements [...]

Coworking changes the concept of space

In recent years the workplace has changed, the supply of independent spaces has become consistent, and has established after the adoption of these solutions in the real estate strategies. Coworking has quickly spread, it has revolutionized the concepts of office, and space, which is meant as a service now. Such a paradigm has reached the maturity stage, thus these structures need innovative solutions [...]