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La trasformazione digitale del real estate: cos’è il PropTech

In breve: Cosa succede al mercato quando entra in gioco il digitale Il digitale nel mercato immobiliare Filiera, macro-trend tecnologici e trend di mercato Aumentare l’EBITDA per ogni unità di superficie Nell’articolo online “What is Digital Transformation?” il team di SalesForce propone la seguente definizione: la trasformazione digitale è il processo con cui, tramite l’utilizzo […]

Smart solutions become the new frontier in comfort living

Something is changing in the residential industry. When one is thinking of a comfortable house, and a comfortable life, a new dimension should be kept in mind, the technological one. This “fixture” can raise living standards to the next level, by increasing the value and improving the experience lived by customers, which becomes unique [...]

Ep. 1 PropTech Podcast: Flexible work spaces

In collaborazione con Moralia Group Cosa sono i flexible work spaces e come aiutano il business Il CEO di Sofia Locks Alessandro Nacci illustra i nuovi trend nella gestione degli spazi e i benefici per le aziende e il comparto real estate. Con il lavoro di PropTech Perspective stiamo elaborando analisi approfondite sul mondo del real-estate. In questa prima […]

Can BLESA attack affect Sofia Locks solutions?

Quick answer: no, and it will never. In case you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the attack and why our technology can’t be a target of such an exploit, keep on reading. The critical security weaknesses in the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) specifications have been much debated in the last period, since […]

How to enable the sharing economy in the real-estate market with the digitalization of access control

The real-estate market is facing a deep processing stage, namely the fast-changing needs of customers, which are increasingly oriented towards “as-a-service”. Flexible and “mobile-first” offers, combined with the new enabling technologies, have thus led real-estate operators to rethink the way they act on the market [...]

What enables you to do business

How to enable coworking to do, or enhance, their business is the theme analysed by our CEO, Alessandro Nacci, during the interview made by Jean-Yves Huwart for the Coworking Europe Conference. The real estate market has really changed in the last few years, new social trends have spread, technological solutions have established [...]

Access control systems: from the origins to modern solutions

The working environment is facing a deep change, in the last months many of us have faced new challenges, turned their homes into offices, carried out different tasks and changed their habits. In this context technology has set itself as a de facto standard, it has allowed people to work from home, cut the distances and overcome obstacles [...]

Proptech solutions revolutionize the concept of business. An overview on the role of technology in the real estate industry

During the last few years technology has changed not only our lives but also the whole market. It is a flow of constant improvement that has overwhelmed everything that surrounds us, especially businesses. In this context, proptech has gained more and more importance and has become really widespread. With this term, we mean the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate [...]

Coworkings and flexible spaces: the new standard of the working environment

Remote and smart working have become more and more widespread in the last period due to the multiple changes that the whole society had to face. This situation has modified not only the working environment, but also the companies’ attitude, as employees have gone through a phenomenon of responsibilized freedom. Many workers have done different tasks, faced new challenges and gained more responsibilities [...]

How to overcome the crisis with cloud-native systems. An overview on innovative solutions for working spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic is having harsh consequences in the working sector. In the last months many people have been working from home, transforming their houses in their personal office, but this situation only represents a transitional period, as physical offices will maintain their importance for facilitating interaction, collaboration and, ultimately, for employee health, well-being and productivity [...]