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Co-living, Cohousing and Social Housing: the new trends of the Real Estate and the fundamental role of technology in the Residential 4.0

The real estate market is facing a period of deep transformation, driven by the dynamism of the sector and the new needs of customers. We like to define this period as “Residential 4.0”, as the strong wave of digitalization has given life to a new model, characterized by a great capacity for renewal, not only […]

Office mode: the new feature that makes it easier to manage the flow of people

The office mode is the latest feature released by our product development team, to simplify the management of the flow of people accessing company spaces. Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Manager, provides us an overview in the following article. The office mode has been developed to meet the different needs of the users in workplace environments, […]

Senior Housing: a strategic real estate sector and the vital contribution of access control technologies

Senior Housing (or Independent Senior Living) is a model similar to co-living and other flexible residential models, aimed at self-sufficient people over the age of 65. It is a fast-growing trend in the market for flexible spaces in real estate, as it intercepts an increasingly large segment of the population and satisfies social and service […]

From physical key register to smart opening: here are the latest features from our product development team

During the last quarter our product development team has released numerous features in order to meet the needs of our customers and make Luckey, our App, more and more complete and competitive. Giovanni, our Product Manager illustrates us the features released during these months. Explore Button The explore button represents the revolution of Luckey’s graphical […]

Sofia Locks among technologies chosen for MIND Village’s innovative workspace

Sofia Locks, chosen by Lendlease, brings its technological contribution to MIND, the large innovation park that is coming to life just outside Milan. It will house offices, research centers, cultural spaces, as well as vegetable gardens, gardens, stores. The project carried out by Lendlease within the MIND area, Milan Innovation District, is among the group’s […]

Ep. 6 PropTech Podcast: ESG criteria and sustainable investment in real estate

With Giovanni Mancini, founder & CEO TopLife Concierge The role of ESG principles and sustainable investment in the Real Estate market. Sustainable investments are paving the way for new trends, and their impact is significant. The inclination on the part of investors to embrace these principles has increased significantly over the past few years, but […]

Sofia Locks among technologies chosen by Health House for new Genoa location

On May 9, 2022, the new Health Home opened at the MSC Towers in Genoa. A state-of-the-art health care facility designed to provide patients with the highest quality services and comfort. The choice of innovative technologies and the attention given to the patients’ health care journey tells of the evolution of the Health Home, which […]

The history of coworking

The history of coworking is not particularly long, but is explosive! This history started in 1990 with the spread of the internet and new technologies and, in just a few years, it has gone from a part-time small-scale business to a global worldwide phenomenon. Nowadays it is widespread all around the world, and everywhere people […]

Enhancing the residential initiative with a digital approach: from the go-to-market to the customer user experience

An interview to Luisa Crupi, Chief Operating Officer @ Abitare Co. The residential market has undergone profound changes in recent years, the concept of “home” has evolved to meet the changing needs of users, and new business models have established themselves. People want to live a unique experience, event when at home. The house is […]

A single partner for the safety and security of your buildings

As simple as it may seem a door, it is an essential element to access a building or several areas inside it, as it ensures its safety. Gateways have a crucial role in buildings, as they must not only ensure access and security, but also safety. In few words, gateways must allow users to leave […]