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Cloud management for professional firms

Several locations, one system

Sofia Locks provides cloud native access control to important professional firms operating throughout the national territory.

Realities with different offices distributed in the centers of large European cities use cloud access control to allow lawyers and engineers to easily and securely access their offices.

The smart locks selected by Sofia Locks allow you to bring intelligence directly to the gate, without wiring or masonry work.

Digital credentials

In modern companies, the badge turns into an App with several functionalities. Thanks to mobile credentials professionals log in to a dedicated application that they can download onto their corporate or personal smartphones. From that moment on, the smartphone is all they need to securely access the spaces made available by the company.

It is not just a “digital card”, but a powerful means that increases efficiency and autonomy in work.

I sistemi in cloud per la manutenzione dei locali e i servizi

Sofia Locks Luckey App is the cloud access control system that enables remote management of spaces. The studios can therefore reduce the cost of operation and manage access for maintenance and services in a smart way.

Service providers have dedicated virtual credentials that allow you to enter only at established times with the sole use of your personal smartphone. The credentials can be changed or removed at any time remotely.

Resource booking and smart working

The Sofia Locks intelligent Bookey system allows you to book meeting rooms and spaces available to professionals directly from the dedicated App.

Professionals can request and access the facilities dedicated to them only when necessary, thus operating in a smart and completely autonomous way.