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Easy customizations with tools for developers

Sofia Locks, through its “Jago” access control platform, allows you to add a professional access control system of all of your software. Jago can be integrated into ERP, CRM, PMS, third-part management software, existing web platforms and cloud systems.

Cloud Platform

Jago platform is a secure and reliable service accessible via an HTTPS connection. Using a simple RESTful interface, you can add to your existing software the ability to create and delete guests, create and assign virtual keys and control access to physical ports. The cloud platform can also be provided on a self-hosted (on-premise) infrastructure.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The integration of our Jago Platform within the existing application / system is simplified by our JagoSDK. Our SDK can be used to create Microsoft Windows applications, Web applications, iOS applications and Android applications.

White Labels

Our “white-labels” include dashboards and back office management panels, mobile application projects and sample applications that already integrate our JagoSDK libraries.


Our official Sofia integrators do a great job in creating new solutions that are based on our Jago technology. Here is the list of developed solutions.

Cisco Tropo: Cloud API for Voice and Messaging

Cisco Tropo makes easy to automate communications by connecting the software with the telephone network (voice and messaging). With Tropo you can use established web technologies (API Rest) to introduce the possibility of real-time telephone communications with your applications to manage the opening of doors.

Cisco Spark: Group Messages

Cisco has been pioneered about communications to transport voice and video across data networks, reducing costs and simplifying operations. We have developed a cloud communication system that synchronizes voice, video and data.

Manet Mobile: Group Messages

Manet offers to the guests of hotels, bed & breakfasts and holiday homes a real smartphone, with international calls and unlimited 4G internet, with the purpose to relieve every customer from problems and costs related to connection and roaming. The device is also used to communicate with the structure and, to receive from it: news, information and advertising, meanwhile it introduce unused marketing opportunities.

More information are available on Access Control Integrations