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Ep. 1 PropTech Podcast: Flexible work spaces

In collaboration with Moralia Group

What are flexible work spaces and how they help business

Sofia Locks CEO Alessandro Nacci discusses new trends in space management and the benefits for companies and the real estate industry.

With the work of PropTech Perspective we are developing in-depth analyses of the real-estate world. In this first episode of our first podcast, we talk about real estate and theefficient allocation of resources, or in other words:

  • Commercializing space utilization, as-a-service business models
  • Increasing the value of commercial space with plug-and-play
  • Vacancy, how to saturate spaces in uncertain times
  • IFRS16, take advantage of the directive and optimize corporate financial statements
  • Dynamic pricing and e-commerce, the time is ripe for real-estate
  • Anticipating market trends with Big Data on building use

We then try to address some important needs and focus on the latest market trends.

  1. More flexible contracts that offer clients ready-to-use, easy-to-manage spaces on a budget
  2. Flexibility expands from workspaces to all contexts, flexible living is born
  3. Privacy is an indispensable value, Prop Tech must be grounded in GDPR and data security
  4. Aggregating and observing data before others is an indispensable competitive advantage


Understanding the right mix of security and flexibility


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