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Ep. 2 PropTech Podcast: Flexibility and security

How to build a safe and flexible workspace

Design: how to create a checklist of what is needed to make corporate spaces safe and smart.

In collaboration with Moralia Group

The most common, and even dangerous, mistake when implementing a technological solution in a company is to impose the operational scheme of the solution on the natural workflow of the organization. Today, collaboration between people and fluid interaction with the environment make the difference in the creation of productive and competitive work environments.

Access control manages the first point of contact between people and buildings. In this podcast we see what changes with new technologies, and what is the impact on companies and on the real estate sector. In fact, it is not just about new software solutions, but it is necessary to understand the new control paradigms that affect the technological departments, but also the administrative, human resources and strategic departments.

Finally, we address the issue of structural costs and operations management in a market that has changed and that exposes companies to a more uncertain future. Being able to adapt quickly and organically scaling with respect to the market context are the real skills that will guarantee the future of successful companies.

The PropTech Perspective Podcast is published monthly and addresses the issues of access control innovation with a view to the future of the real estate industry.

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