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How General Contractors Can Save Money with Wireless Access Control Systems


In the dynamic world of modern building construction, general contractors face numerous challenges, including rising inflation, escalating costs of raw materials, and the constraints of fixed pricing contracts. In such a competitive landscape, finding innovative solutions to cut costs without compromising on quality is paramount. One such solution that can significantly impact construction expenses is the adoption of wireless, battery-powered access control systems. This article explores how wireless access control systems offer not only substantial cost savings but also numerous additional benefits that can revolutionize construction cost management.

Wireless Access Control Systems: The Path to Efficiency and Savings

Traditional wired access control systems have been a staple in construction projects for many years. However, they come with the burden of extensive installation time and wiring costs. In contrast, wireless access control systems present an efficient and cost-effective alternative. By requiring 75% less hardware per door, they not only save on material expenses but also provide a sleek and modern appearance that clients will appreciate.

Substantial Cost Savings: A Comparison

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario involving a 100-door installation. In a traditional wired system, this would necessitate 6 installers working for approximately 41.5 hours, totaling 250 man-hours. On the other hand, adopting a wireless access control system would only require the same 6 installers but for a significantly reduced installation time of approximately 5.5 hours, amounting to just 33 man-hours.

Additional Benefits Beyond Savings

The advantages of wireless access control systems extend beyond the substantial cost savings. The speed and ease of installation contribute to quieter and less invasive operations, resulting in further reduced personnel and labor expenses. Moreover, the systems’ cloud-based nature eliminates the need for complex server installations, thereby streamlining setup and cutting additional costs. With these combined benefits, contractors can save up to a remarkable 80% on labor costs during the installation process.

Embracing the Cloud-Based Access Control

The transition to cloud-based access control systems not only simplifies operations but also ensures enhanced security and flexibility. Through cloud-based management, general contractors can remotely monitor and manage access permissions, saving time and administrative expenses. Additionally, cloud-based systems offer scalability and adaptability, making them suitable for projects of various sizes and complexities.


In today’s challenging economic environment, it has become increasingly crucial for general contractors to find innovative ways to manage construction costs effectively. Wireless access control systems offer a golden opportunity to achieve this objective. By implementing these state-of-the-art security solutions, contractors can impress their clients with efficient, modern systems while significantly cutting down on expenses. The time has come to embrace the revolution in construction cost management and make these financial challenges a thing of the past.