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Proptech solutions revolutionize the concept of business. An overview on the role of technology in the real estate industry

During the last few years technology has changed not only our lives but also the whole market. It is a flow of constant improvement that has overwhelmed everything that surrounds us, especially businesses. In this context, proptech has gained more and more importance and has become really widespread. With this term, we mean the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate. The combination of ICT and the several different facets of real estate has given rise to important changes in the whole sector. The understanding of this phenomenon is more complex than it may sound because it is about digital transformation. The core of the question is to understand how to extract and experience value through the use of digital technologies. In the last years, the introduction of modern systems in the different sectors has given rise to many improvements. For example, proptech solutions have revolutionized the concept of business, because through these the efficiency of the facility management can be increased, the flexibility can be improved and the systems ergonomic can be bettered (you may find more information about this here, and here). These technologies were born to cope with the fast-changing modern market, where new opportunities and threats are a stream of constant change, and now they have revolutionized the way spaces and resources are managed.


Access control systems play a fundamental role in this context. These solutions are really widespread now, there are different systems on the market, but they’re not all the same. Cloud-native solutions really differ from traditional ones, as they can radically transform the space they’re integrated in. Modern systems can easily adapt to the dynamic market, indeed they are open to unlimited opportunities and new business models. Anyone familiar with cloud-based systems knows that the cloud is pervasive and is essential when talking about resource management, because through this technology time and space boundaries are overthrown. Cloud computing lives at the core of proptech solutions and provides them with a trademark of great flexibility. It allows to send information from one point of the system to another and makes actions immediately effective! A single control network can be spread across different buildings, cities, and countries, and it can communicate with different services. In this way the information exchange, the security implementation, and the business support are facilitated. This technology has improved the whole management process, especially from the orchestration point of view, because everything that happens is under the supervision of a central intelligence and a powerful automation. In this way, the transactions become streams, ready to meet the market needs and to face all the rapid changes.


We, at Sofia Locks, are aware that the software improves people’s lives, as it assists quite every activity of the working day, eases the interaction, and simplifies daily activities. For this reason, we develop cloud-native systems that help enterprises to bring their business in the digitalisation era. Our modern software designed for proptech solutions allows to manage spaces and interact with them in a smart way, moreover, they can be modified according to the business needs. There are no limits to possible improvement or reorganization of the solutions, as reliable systems always allows to be plugged, when needed.

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