The verification of the Green Pass to access to workspaces has been made mandatory by the current legislation. It is therefore necessary to simplify this procedure and respect the GDRP regulation. Cloud-native access control solutions, like the ones of Sofia Locks, allow to simplify and accelerate the procedure.

The cloud-native access control systems can be configured to manage in an easy and intuitive way the Green Passes of employees who have to access workplaces. Thanks to the intuitive Smart Tag system it is possible to link the validity of a credential to the prior verification of the Green Pass.

Moreover, it is possible to configure the system in different ways, so that the Green Pass verification is asked every day or it is considered valid for more days, in case pf random checks.

Also in this context, cloud access control via smartphone allows to simplify the management of access to workspaces, by easing any integration with third-party softwares thanks to the available APIs Rest.