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Smau 2017 with Otello e Luckey

At the 2017 edition of Smau Milano also participates Sofia Locks, in the space for her available by TIM, thanks to the relationship born in 2015 when Sofia Locks was selected in the acceleration path of Tim #Wcap.

At Smau Milano 2017, Sofia Locks presents its cloud access control platform, offering to the customers security systems IoT-based, smartphones and smart locks.

As shown at Smau Milano 2017, Sofia Locks has proved how its platform allows to obtain a lot of advantages:

  • Huge reduction in management costs: no cost for key allocation. No more lost keys or badges. No replacement of locks.
  • Remote management: delete the access permissions remotely without the need to be physically present.
  • Formidable security: no chance to duplicate the keys. If it’s necessary you can instantly deactivate the host’s keys remotely.
  • Chance of keeping access under control: with Sofia you can know both the time of entry and exit of your guests, remotely.

Depending on the needs, the platform offers two possible solutions:

  • Otello: ideal application to remotely manage B&B, holiday homes, hotel and farm holidays. It is perfect when you need to manage keys for access to your facility remotely, with short-term reservations.
  • Luckey: ideal application to allow access via smartphone, remotely, to offices, co-working, business centers and students home. The right solution for managing long-term presence and access.