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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Standard Doors

Standard doors inside buildings, such as office doors in a coworking or corporate office, can benefit greatly from modern access control solutions. These technologies improve security and access management by ensuring that only authorized people can enter certain spaces.

Technical Solutions

Interior doors are often equipped with locks with European profile cylinders. One of the simplest and most versatile solutions for access control is the electronic cylinder Libra LE60 Smart . This device replaces the mechanical cylinder and allows opening via digital credentials such as smartphones, RFID badges and HyperTags. It requires no wiring and offers easy installation.

Aries Smart is another versatile solution. This electronic handle can be installed on most commercially available doors, both new and existing, and is battery operated. Aries stores up to 300 credentials and offers advanced features such as handle motion detection, mechanical emergency key use, and privacy mode.

Application of Access Control

Management of security and opening of internal doors is entrusted to users through digital credentials. For example, with the Libra LE60 Smart cylinder, the user can operate the door with their smartphone or RFID badge, thus achieving precise access control. The office mode allows the door to be kept unlocked during certain times, automatically locking it outside these periods.

Aries Smart enables more detailed control of user flow through its ability to enable the external handle only when a valid credential is presented. This solution is ideal for settings with a large flow of people, such as offices and hotels. The privacy function allows you to restrict access to rooms to unauthorized personnel when occupied.

More information

Fixed knob: Used as an alternative to the handle, the fixed knob prevents the door from being opened without a valid credential, improving the security of the doorway.
Battery life and management: Devices such as Libra and Aries are battery-powered, with long battery life and signaling systems for charge status. Battery replacement is simple and can be done without compromising the safety of the system.

1NCA, 1NCA Pin, and Smart Relais: These devices can be used for electrified doors, enabling remote control of locks. They are available in versions for indoor and outdoor use, providing flexibility in access control solutions.
Integration with panic bars: Doors equipped with panic bars can be integrated with electrified devices such as Trim Tronic, ensuring that they meet safety regulations while providing effective access control.