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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Fire Doors (EI)

Fire doors, known today as EI doors, are designed to resist fire for a certified period. It is critical that any modifications or additions to these doors, including access control systems, maintain their fire resistance certification.

Technical Solutions

1NCA : The 1NCA reader is a multi-standard device, ideal for access control of electrified doors. Available in IP54 and IP66 versions, it is compatible with RFID badges and BLE smartphones. The 1NCA can be easily integrated with EI doors without compromising their certification, as it does not require structural changes to the door.

Smart Relais : The Smart Relais makes it possible to open electric doors, motorized gates or any electric actuator that can be activated by closing a contact. It can store up to 300 credentials and the last 1,000 events, making it a versatile and reliable access control solution. Installation of Smart Relais on EI doors should be done in a way that respects the door’s certification, preferably by integrating the device with systems already provided by the manufacturer.

HyperTag : HyperTag is an advanced solution that enables door opening via NFC and QR code, offering hands-free interaction with the smartphone. This device can be used on EI electrified doors, improving access comfort without altering the fire resistance properties of the door.

Libra LE60 Smart : Libra LE60 Smart is a modular electronic cylinder that can be easily retrofitted, replacing mechanical European profile cylinders. It is designed to store up to 300 credentials and the last 1,000 events. Libra is suitable for use on EI doors due to its fire rating and ease of installation, which requires no structural changes to the door.

Aries Smart : Aries Smart is a flexible and easy-to-install electronic handle, suitable for both new installations and retrofits. It runs on battery power, eliminating the need for wiring, and can store up to 300 credentials. Aries is available in EN179 and EN1125 certified versions, making it suitable for use on EI doors. Aries’ Privacy feature allows you to control access to specific rooms, ensuring that only users with high credentials can enter when the mode is enabled.

Application of Access Control

Integration of access control systems on EI doors must always comply with fire resistance certification. Devices such as 1NCA, Smart Relais, HyperTag, Libra, and Aries are designed to provide effective access control without compromising security. These devices must be included in the door maintenance booklet or certified by the manufacturer to be properly installed.

More information

Keeping the physical key is possible if Aries is installed directly from the manufacturer and certified. When retrofitted, Aries can be mounted externally without drilling through the door, but eliminating the use of the mechanical emergency key. In addition, for doors with panic bars, there are specific versions of Aries compatible, which must be carefully evaluated to ensure regulatory and mechanical compliance.