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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Gates

Management of gates, both driveway and pedestrian, is essential to ensure safe and efficient access in various settings, such as businesses, apartment buildings, and public facilities. Cloud-based access control solutions, such as those offered by Sofia part of ISEO, offer a combination of advanced security, ease of use and flexibility, adapting to different user needs.

Driveway Gate Solutions

Driveway gates can use the 1NCA IP66 reader, which allows opening by RFID badge or smartphone. However, installing a physical reader may present space limitations. For smarter management, the use of HyperTag allows quick access without having to open an app, improving convenience for users.

The Atlas controller manages permissions and credentials, centralizing data for all devices. In addition, implementing an automatic opening system with geolocation can further improve efficiency, although it requires careful technical configuration.

Pedestrian Gate Solutions

Pedestrian gates often already have access controls or intercoms. Integration of new systems, such as Smart Relais, is simple and low impact. In case of non-electrified entrances, LIBRA cylinders with IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69 certification can be used, battery-powered for easy installation.

Management in Case of Emergency

In emergency situations, such as a fire, the system can be configured for the gates to open automatically, ensuring the safety of users. Power failure can be handled with mechanical emergency keys, maintaining the functionality of the gateway.

A practical case

An apartment building with a driveway and pedestrian gate can benefit from Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-based access control system. Residents use badges or smartphones to gain access, while temporary visitors receive virtual credentials. If needed, the operator can open the gates remotely via the Atlas controller, providing flexibility and security.