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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Emergency Exits

Emergency exits are crucial to ensure the safety of buildings in case of evacuation. Integration of access control with these exits must meet strict regulations to ensure that they remain easily usable in emergency situations.

Regulations for Emergency Exits

Emergency exits must comply with two main European standards:

  • EN 1125:2008: Regulates panic bars, which must always be easily opened by anyone, ensure use in high-frequency conditions, and resist corrosion and high temperatures.
  • EN 179:2008: Certifies mechanical emergency devices operated by lever handle or push plate.

Panic Handles

ISEO offers a full range of panic bars designed to ensure safety and ease of use in emergency situations. These devices comply with EN 1125 and EN 179, ensuring that they can be easily used by anyone, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, in emergency situations.

Main Features

  • High Frequency of Use: Suitable for installations in high-traffic buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and shopping malls.
  • Strength and Durability: Made of materials resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, ensuring long life and reliability.
  • Various Configurations: Available in different models and finishes, including horizontal bar and push handles, to suit different aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Compatibility: Can be integrated with other security and access control systems, including external electromechanical controls such as Trim Tronic and motorized locks such as Multiblindo Emotion.

Compatible Devices

  • Trim Tronic: Electromechanical external control compatible with panic and emergency devices, allows mechanical and electronic control of access. Equipped with AntiGerm antibacterial treatment and anti-vandalism system.
  • Multiblindo Emotion: Motorized multipoint lock offering automatic and secure locking with remote motorized opening options. Suitable for modern doors with high security standards.

Access Control Integration

Access control can be applied to emergency exits to manage inputs without compromising the quick release function. Devices such as 1NCA, Smart Relais and Libra cylinders are compatible and can enable the external handle only with permission.

Integration with Alarm Systems

Emergency exits can be integrated with alarm systems to discriminate time-dependent signaling of opening and closing of the gateway. Dedicated sensors communicate with the access control system to ensure the actual closure of the gateway and activate or deactivate the alarm automatically.