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Students House: easier key management with Sofia Locks

The housing is one of the most important aspects of student life. Give quality accommodation to its guests goes beyond providing a simple room. With Sofia Locks, students accommodations managers can offer better services, simplifying all aspects of managing these spaces.

Most campus need a smart lock solution for student accommodation. To list some of their needs:

  1. Remote opening of any door, from anywhere
  2. Ability to control what happens in the student house, even remotely
  3. An easy-to-use and ready-to-use cloud-based access control solution
  4. View the port activity and receive activity messages on personal phone
  5. Control who goes where and when, like students, faculty staff and guests

Sofia Locks provides a flexible management system for access management that doesn’t require software installation or the additional payment of a wired electronic product.

Thanks to Sofia Locks cloud access control software, campus managers can easily manage student access to dorms; authorize remote door opening, block a guest’s access and view doors opening activities directly on the manager’s smartphone. Check who goes where and when, leads to greater efficiency in management: in fact, with Sofia Locks, campus managers can grant temporary access to visitors, employees or even delivery services whenever is necessary for them to enter.

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