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Tech Innovations Unveiled: Access Management, Reservations, and Data Control

In recent months, our Product Development team has been hard at work creating a multitude of innovative features. Today, Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Manager, will provide an in-depth overview of the most recent enhancements we have introduced.

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Unlocking Convenience: Introducing In-App Remote Opening with Luckey Access Management

As the world is moving in a fast-paced way, efficiency and connectivity have become paramount. Luckey Access Management is revolutionizing the access control world with its latest feature, In-App Remote Opening, available in Luckey Mobile version 3.5.0.
This innovation empowers administrators to remotely unlock smart locks through their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical keys and location restrictions. Sofia HyperGate Pro is the name of the core technology behind this feature, that improves both convenience and security. To better meet the specific needs of the market, Luckey can be also customized, and the options provide tailored control over access management.
This feature has been designed to provide a glimpse into the future of PropTech solutions, granting a user-friendly Application and web interface, a seamless solution, and a redefinition of the access management.
Here you can find out more on Luckey Access Management’s In-App Remote Opening.

Revolutionizing Resource Reservations: Bookey’s Latest Enhancements

Bookey, a leader in resource reservation solutions,has introduced a new feature – the dynamic calendar. This feature allows users to easily manage reservations using their mobile devices, offering a convenient and streamlined experience. With the Bookey calendar, users can effortlessly schedule and oversee reservations for meeting rooms, equipment, and shared spaces. 

Additionally, administrators can enhance organization by assigning resource locations, simplifying the process of finding and booking the right resource. These improvements empower users to take control of their reservations, making resource management more efficient and user-friendly. Find out more on how to upgrade your resource management with Bookey’s latest enhancements, here

Simplified Access Control: Introducing Luckey Help Center

Luckey Help Center is the latest news, it is a user-friendly resource designed to enhance the access control experience. Accessible through web and mobile applications, this comprehensive center offers support for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the access control field. The Help Center provides tutorials, guides, and contextual assistance tailored to individual needs, ensuring a smoother user journey. Visit the Help Center to explore this valuable resource and experience the difference firsthand, with your success as their top priority.

Empowering Data Privacy: Luckey’s User Data Control Enhancement

A groundbreaking feature in access management has been introduced, placing user data control in the hands of administrators. This new feature offers flexibility in data management, allowing administrators to choose between two options when deleting a user: complete anonymization or user data preservation. This customization aligns with organizations’ unique privacy policies and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with evolving data privacy laws. With this feature, users have complete control over their data, providing both security and ease of navigating the intricate landscape of data privacy. By embracing this feature, organizations can empower themselves, secure their sites, and safeguard user data while adhering to their privacy policies.

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