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The latest on Luckey: the evolution of our product

Luckey has become even smarter and more innovative with the latest features released by our product development team over the past quarter.

Giovanni Bettinazzi, our product manager, explains below the latest innovations, such as multi-side access control technology, offline remote control of events, and gives a small preview of upcoming features.

Multi-architecture mobile technology

Simplicity and seamless interactions are the main goals of Sofia Locks. Our mission is to reduce the complexity of an access control system for our users and provide them with the peace of mind of using a smart system.

To achieve this goal, we released a new version of the Luckey Mobile App to improve support for all types of configuration, online and offline. In this way we ensure maximum flexibility and a unique experience.

Offline lock event management

Managing a totally wireless and flexible system is even easier now. The Luckey administrator can easily access all events recorded by the Smart Locks through the Application and upload them to Cloud Sofia, so they can be viewed and verified directly from the Luckey web platform.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an option that provides an additional layer of security to your Luckey Administration account, in addition to your email and password. When two-factor authentication is enabled, your account is no longer accessible to those who have not been authorized, even if your password is stolen. Following login, a temporary code will be sent to your e-mail address to verify your identity.

This operation is available for both the Luckey web portal and the mobile app to maximize the security of your access control solution.

Remote status of the HyperGate Atlas

Get full control of local wired HyperGate Atlas with the new dedicated section in the Luckey Web Platform. From here you can check the connection status of the HyperGate Atlas and its synchronization with the cloud platform.

New hardware support

We are working on supporting new hardware…stay tuned for more!

To learn more about our solution and technology, contact us.