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An access control engine in Cloud

Sofia Locks offers a cloud access control system that uses the smartphone as a key to access the doors. Through the cloud platform, in fact, you can send the virtual keys through your mobile phone to your guests or employees to check when they can access. Cloud software doesn’t require any servers to works, and is easy to use. It’s also compatible with computers and smartphones (Android and iOS) and it allowing you to remotely manage the doors and gates for access to your properties.

Why rely on a cloud system?

Are many the reasons to rely on a cloud system:

  1. None local server required: you don’t have to worry about maintenance;
  2. High reliability: the software works on dozens of servers designed to allow to the service to be always on and working;
  3. Easy software integration: cloud solutions are designed to meet Web 3.0 standards, with public and easy-to-use API interfaces for integration into third-part software;
  4. Low costs compared to standard solutions: cloud solutions allow the costs of servers to be amortized for many customers, thus lowering the cost of access to technology;
  5. Basic for smartphone connectivity: if you want to use a smartphone to open the doors, you can not have a software that works on a public cloud and in the same time you can have easy usable system with high security standards.