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Beyond Boundaries: Sofia’s 2023 Achievements in Access Control Innovations and Collaborative Partnerships

2023 has been a year filled with news and innovations for Sofia’s team. Throughout Europe, various companies have chosen to trust our solutions, implementing them and offering insights to address diverse market needs better.

Luckey Store

The most significant launch has been the Luckey store, an e-commerce platform where clients can explore and learn more about the services we offer. Plug-ins, add-ons, and special services are available here and can be autonomously activated using our credits. The platform offers intuitive navigation, effortless evaluation, and easy direct purchases. Want to know more about the Luckey Store? Explore it now!

New features

Not only have we launched a store, but our product management team has also made several system improvements. One of them is the introduction of Custom Fields, enabling users to add personalized fields to guests and smart locks, tailoring relevant information. This enhancement provides more flexibility, and control, and meets the unique requirements of our clients.

Additionally, the In-App remote opening feature has been enhanced, allowing administrators and facility managers to conveniently unlock smart locks using their mobile devices with a simple tap. This eliminates the need for physical keys, ensuring efficient access management worldwide.

A dynamic calendar has also been added to simplify the reservation process with a simple tap. This not only impacts users but also empowers facility managers and administrators to add an extra layer of organization by setting a location field for each resource. Bookey ensures the definition of resource locations, enabling user filtering based on needs and quick resource identification.

Furthermore, the validation periods of the F9000 have been improved for more flexibility and adaptability. This feature allows precise control over permissions associated with each key, whether in minutes, hours, or days. It enhances security not only by access permissions but also by monitoring and providing comprehensive insights into the credentials assigned to users.

Acknowledging the importance of privacy and data security due to evolving market trends and GDPR compliance, we’ve implemented flexible data management. This allows both the complete anonymization of access data associated with a user and the preservation of user data. Administrators now have the flexibility to decide the level of data anonymization that aligns with their organization’s needs and privacy regulations.

New devices

Regarding new device releases, HyperGate Lite is now available. This modern access management solution offers advanced connectivity, remote control, adaptability, real-time event monitoring, and seamless Bluetooth 5 connectivity, alongside remote access credential updates and control with two adaptable models.

Another release this year is HyperSensor DS, a door status sensor allowing continuous monitoring to enhance space security.

MA1A and 1NCA are also part of this year’s product releases. MA1A, a connected smart handle, combines style and functionality, offering easy retrofit installation. Equipped with RFID and Bluetooth technology, it supports various RFID cards, tags, and key fobs like Mifare Classic and DESFire, enabling door access, access rights management, and software updates directly from a smartphone. Meanwhile, 1NCA is a smart reader that enables seamless indoor and outdoor access management, supports different accessibility methods (RFID cards, tags, and key fobs), and showcases a harmonious balance between aesthetics and resilience.

User experience

Understanding the complexity of the access control domain, we’ve introduced the Luckey HelpCenter, serving as the go-to resource for seamless assistance and a unique user experience. Accessible from both the website and the mobile application, we’ve designed it to be user-friendly and highly convenient.

For more information on the features and add-ons developed to support our clients, you can find details in the Product & Technology section of our website.

New integrations

Lastly, we’d like to highlight our technological partners who’ve collaborated with us this year:

  • Nexudus integration enables users to independently access spaces using their smartphones as a key or company badge, while also automatically synchronizing users and logins.
  • The collaboration between OfficeRnD and Sofia combines access control management with flexible working solutions, synchronizing user information, automatically assigning access credentials, and enabling single sign-on functionality.
  • Cobot, a leading workplace management solution designed for hybrid and flexible workspaces, integrates access control solutions, creating a seamless and versatile experience to meet rapidly changing market needs.
  • Eagle Eye Networks, a leading cloud CCTV system integrated with our cloud-based access management platform, offers simplified management, real-time insights, and advanced security.
  • Luckey’s integration with Chainels emphasizes automated user synchronization and intelligent access group assignments, enhancing user experience and operational flexibility in access control management.
  • Similarly, Luckey’s integration with andcards prioritizes automated user synchronization and intelligent access group assignments, significantly improving user experience and operational flexibility in access control management.

For further details on our innovations and partnerships, feel free to contact us. We’re here to provide additional information and support!

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