The Dark Theme is the last feature released by our product development team. This feature, now available on Luckey, has been realized to embrace the fast changing needs of our clients.

Now they can decide whether to use the App in the light theme or dark theme. Luckey is able to automatically detect the settings of the smartphone (dark or light) and adapt to those.

Through Luckey App settings users can also decide to modify the theme and use a different one than the smartphone settings. For example, you can have your smartphone system in night mode, but use Luckey with the light theme.

This feature has been developed not only to improve the functionalities of the App and meet our clients needs, but also to improve the adaptability to external conditions and the battery life of the smartphone, so as to provide a unique experience.

The product development team is always ready to give voice to the wishes of its users and buyers, giving life to modern, quality, and always updated products.