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Explore Sofia Locks’s product release (May 2020/2021)

The latest news on Luckey

Our Product Development team constantly improves our access control solution. In this article Giovanni Bettinazzi, Product Manager of Sofia Locks, tells us about the latest news released and gives us visibility on what are the upcoming releases scheduled for 2021.

Giovanni, which are the aspects on which the product development team put more efforts in the development of the new versions of the product?

The main asset of an innovative business like Sofia Locks is to be able to constantly listen to currents and future clients to design the product according to the their desires. For us, it is crucial to anticipate clients’ needs, and to establish a continuous relationship with them. In the process of development of new versions of products, we put particular attention on how our customers use the product itself, and on what their expectations are. A central work of synthesis of the received information, to keep track of clients’ request for improvements, called “feature request”, run with an analytical method. The careful evaluation of technical and design constraints allows us to deliver to our customers a secure service with real benefits. Why it is essential for us to deliver a product that is highly reliable and easy to use.

Which are your goals in driving the development roadmap?

The main goal is to transfer great value to the client, but also to the “product”. By this, I mean that the functionalities must resolve specific needs of the clients, but in doing so they should respect the “harmony” of the product, thus avoiding discontinuity in the interaction schemes. Sofia Locks aims to bring to the market a new generation of access control systems, which make full use of software, cloud, and IoT technologies but at the same time bring a new cultural approach to the software dedicated to building management. The use of modern techniques for the design of the User Experience and an accurate study of the Interaction Design allows us to create a new experience of use, ergonomic and simplified. This leads to a drastic reduction of training costs, as well as daily interaction with a leaner and more natural building security management.

Would you like to tell us what new is already available and what is coming soon?

In the first half of 2021, we focused on simplifying and improving the web management platform, for example, we introduced advanced research filters, improved lock events visible in the platform, added a new section to manage the Sofia Tags, and provided a dashboard that shows the most significant data for our users. At the same time, we are working on our mobile application, to make it much more efficient, secure and usable even in the absence of internet connectivity.

For the sake of completeness, we report below both the features we have released since January 2021, and those scheduled for the coming months.

Features released since January 2021

New dashboardThe new dashboard allows to quickly view the accesses of the day, the active users, and the most used locks during the day, as well as to have a quick overview on the battery level.

New table display of users and lockers e serrature
and locks
In the users and lockers screen it is possible to select between two data displays modes, the list, and the table. The table mode is useful when there is a great amount of data, as it allows more fluid navigation and has “quick actions” that better the management experience.

Improved users’ password securityWe have strengthened the validation rules of the new user passwords in order to enter stronger ones.

New onboarding flow for guest
users and managers
We have analyzed our users’ feedback and we have changed the onboarding experience and the registration of new users from the invitation email to the registration.

Smartphone events upgradeThe latest releases have led to an improvement in smartphone events that are more descriptive and meaningful for managers.

Online guide for user managersSometimes it can be complex to remember the functioning of some section of the application, especially if these are used less frequently. For this reason, we have integrated an online software guide dedicated to managers.

Opening of doors for managersAlso managers will be able to access the mobile application and open the locks authorized as guests.

DESFire card supportThe ISEO DESFire card support has been integrated.

New UI/UX for guestsNew UI/UX for guests The new guest profile display has been made more intuitive and functional.

Managing Tags and GroupsA new Tags and Group management page has been added.

New filters for managersNew filters for managers The filters of guests and locks screens have been improved. In addition, advanced search filters have been added to lock events.

Advanced export functionalities You can now export XLSX and CSV events.

Bookey upgradeImprovements to Bookey Mobile have been made, and the visibility of the availability of resources has got better.

2021 Roadmap functionalities

Biometric access and additional PIN for Guests: we have added the ability to set up a personal PIN and the biometric recognition to access the Luckey Mobile app.

Translations into German: we are working to provide the best Web and Mobile experience for our German users.

Use locks in the absence of internet connection: we will give managers the possibility to determine which locks can be used by users even in case of internet connection absence. This feature is particularly useful for all those locks that are installed in places with poor connectivity, for example, garages, warehouses, etc.

Significant improvement of the performance of the mobile application: we have worked hard to significantly improve the mobile user experience. In particular, the opening speed of the application has been doubled compared with the previous version.

UI/UX locks details: the new display of the details of locks is more intuitive and functional, it allows to find information easier and in less time.

Quick actions in the dashboard: we have added quick actions directly in the dashboard to speed up the work of our managers, for example, with just a click from the dashboard you can create a new user or new card.

Log Remoter: it will be possible to send to the platform all the events of the offline locks that are not directly connected with our cloud.

Office mode (passage mode): It is possible to activate the office mode on certain locks, this allows to establish the time slots in which the lock will remain open to enable an easier passage.

Credential Templating: it is possible to save and manage credential templates that can be reused whenever a new smartphone or card rule is created. ISEO V364 Mobile Credentials Support is also provided. ISEO V364 Mobile Credentials Support is also provided.

Widget and iOS App Clips for Hypertags: we know how important the interaction between our users and locks is, for this reason, we are developing a Widget Android that allows to open doors without using the mobile application. We will also introduce the App Clips iOS to have a more fluid and in line with iOS 14 standards interaction with our Hypertags .

How to try the new functionalities

Whether you already have an active Sofia Luckey system, simply access your management dashboard or mobile app to find the software with all the latest news. Whether you have not yet innovated your access control system, please fill out the contact form available here and request a free demo of our cloud access control system: