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Real-time control over access devices

Luckey employs a default control mechanism wherein each user is assigned a Mobile Device ID associated with their username. This prevents access to Luckey from different mobile devices using the same account. However, administrators have the flexibility to manage the activation or deactivation of this control via the settings menu.

Limited Smartphone Control

When the Device ID control is active, users logging into the mobile application will have their device registered and associated with their user account. Consequently, they won’t be able to use the same Luckey account on a different device or transfer it to third parties. To accommodate usage on a new device, users can remove the association if needed.

Unlimited Smartphone Control

Conversely, if the Device ID control is disabled, users created will have the ability to use the same account on multiple devices simultaneously. Administrators can toggle this control for each user during creation or modification, offering greater flexibility based on organizational needs.

Smartphone Association States

Luckey offers various states of smartphone-user association, each with its own implications:

  • No Smartphone Limit: Users can utilize multiple smartphones concurrently with their user account.
  • Smartphone Paired: The user has a smartphone associated with their account, restricting access from other devices.
  • Smartphone Never Paired: The user’s account does not have a smartphone associated with it yet.
  • Waiting for Re-pairing: The smartphone pairing has been canceled, awaiting the user to pair a new smartphone.

Understanding these states can help users and administrators effectively manage smartphone associations and ensure optimal utilization of the Luckey system.

In conclusion, while Luckey’s integration with mobile devices offers unparalleled convenience, users must be mindful of the associated limitations. By navigating these limitations with awareness and understanding, users can maximize the benefits of Luckey’s mobile functionality while maintaining security and control over access management.