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Smart solutions become the new frontier in comfort living

Something is changing in the residential industry. When one is thinking of a comfortable house, and a comfortable life, a new dimension should be kept in mind, the technological one. This “fixture” can raise living standards to the next level, by increasing the value and improving the experience lived by customers, which becomes unique. The digitalization of comfort represents the trend of the future, as it not only increases the value of the building and the services offered, but it also allows to optimize many operations and simplify the whole management.

The digital revolution has accustomed people to fast interactions and accessing many services with great ease. In this context, the smartphone has become the symbol of this new digital way of life. TopLife Concierge and Sofia Locks, know that flexibility and comfort come from innovation, and, for this reason, they have decided to mix their cutting-edge offerings to bring to the market digital solutions that can make the difference for customers and users in the real-estate market. TopLife Concierge and Sofia Locks have firstly met in an innovative context, which is the creation of a new and modern pro-working space of Wellio, in the city center of Milan. For the occasion, they have launched a new application that combines the distinctive features of their solutions.


TopLife Concierge is a leader in Italy in providing specialized figures for the management of lifestyle areas in residential and corporate buildings. Their professionals provide their interlocutors a five-star experience and complete assistance in managing staff, correspondence, but also relaxation areas, or booking events. The personalized Apps for each building provided by TopLife Concierge are the digital channel to access all the services of the dedicated staff.

Sofia Locks offers a PropTech access control solution, a complete system that allows customers to digitize spaces and access them. Its systems are designed to meet the need of different key players in the field of flexible spaces (like coworkings, co-livings and retails), and support companies operating in the real-estate sector in the designing of new businesses. Sofia Locks provides all the features needed to manage a property smartly, from the virtual badge to open doors with the smartphone, to a complete analytics system for analyzing the use and booking of spaces. The functioning of the system is intuitive, people will be able to access spaces and resources with their smartphone, through mobile credentials. The mobile credentials allow people to authenticate a smartphone and use it as a key to open passages. The access control virtualization process transforms physical keys, or badges, into secure credentials that operate through the user’s personal smartphone. The economic and safety advantages reachable are many, as well as the security ones.

A unique and digital service arises from the best know-how in the comfort offering and the most cutting-edge cloud technology. Through single interface services and amenities could be checked and managed everywhere and at any time, moreover, the solutions fit all the different use cases, from residential buildings to mono/multi-tenant offices, coworkings, or shopping malls. Furthermore, new developments are always ongoing, as new ad-hoc solutions are being developed by Sofia Locks, as surveillance systems. These will be manageable remotely, at any moment and everywhere, and would be used also by the single user, through the App. This will enable customers and managers to always keep an eye on any door in a simple and secure way. All this will be always done with maximum control, safety, flexibility, and comfort.