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Sofia Locks among technologies chosen for MIND Village’s innovative workspace

Sofia Locks, chosen by Lendlease, brings its technological contribution to MIND, the large innovation park that is coming to life just outside Milan. It will house offices, research centers, cultural spaces, as well as vegetable gardens, gardens, stores.

The project carried out by Lendlease within the MIND area, Milan Innovation District, is among the group’s most ambitious developments. Lendlease is a global leader in delivering urban regeneration projects, capable of creating places where communities can thrive in resilient, inclusive and innovative settings. So work is being done in the various spaces in the area that was once the EXPO, where in recent weeks the MIND Village was inaugurated and where work is being done on the area called West Gate, near the Rho Fiera station. now under the group’s construction management: the MIND Village and Westgate.

MIND Village opened with the Spring MIND event, a series of special events to experience and learn about the MIND lifestyle : green, inclusive and innovative. The district is a true space where creativity, technology and research come together, in a synergy that brings projects and working ideas to life. Companies of the caliber of AstraZeneca, Esselunga, Illumina, ROLD and Bio4Dreams have chosen to have their offices and teams here. This is a strategic choice; in fact, MIND is designed and built to connect local businesses, startups and universities with the world’s best talent, fostering technology transfer between research and business.

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Within MIND extends Federated Innovation, a true ecosystem created with the aim of moving beyond the traditional concept of innovation, such as open innovation, toward a new multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approach that synergistically merges economic, social and scientific aspects. Thus, Lendlease’s mission has been to create a new model of innovation, one in which diverse companies come together and collaborate in a dedicated ecosystem.

Sofia Locks’ innovative access control solutions were chosen right inside Federated Innovation to enable professionals to use the spaces with all the flexibility needed for state-of-the-art work areas. The North Area workspace has been equipped with Sofia Locks’ cloud-native access control, which allows maximum freedom and control over space and time. The technology combines cloud computing, edge computing, and IoT to bring intelligence directly to the gates, and natively support smart access, reservation, and space remodeling logics.

Sofia Locks designed its access control solutions with MIND Village contexts in mind, where integration and collaboration between technologies and knowledge are at the root of every activity. These features can be recognized at every level of the product, from the user interfaces of the Apps and control panels to the ease of integration of the access control system with all the latest software and IoT solutions. Decisive then is the software integrability of Sofia Locks systems with the digital ecosystem chosen by Lendlease for MIND Village.

Sofia Locks is honored to be a part of and to be able to support the mission of MIND, a context in which she is perfectly comfortable primarily because of the shared values.

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