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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Barriers

Parking barriers are a crucial element of access management in multiple settings, such as businesses, shopping malls, and public facilities. The need for secure, efficient and technologically advanced solutions has led to the development of cloud-based access control systems, such as those offered by Sofia part of ISEO. These solutions not only improve security, but also make access management more flexible and convenient.

Technology Solutions for Barriers

For entry barrier management, ISEO’s 1NCA IP66 device is an ideal solution. This multi-standard reader can be used with both RFID badges and smartphones, providing secure, contactless access. IP66 certification makes the device suitable for outdoor installations, withstanding adverse environmental conditions.

An interesting alternative is the use of Sofia part of ISEO’s HyperTag system. This allows barriers to be opened via NFC and QR code, offering fast and secure interaction without the need to open an app on the phone. This approach can be particularly useful in avoiding having to roll down the car window, improving comfort and safety.

Installation Tips

The installation of access control devices requires some technical considerations:

  • Planting: If the gate is to be operated offline, a power supply to the device is sufficient. For networked gateways, an IP or bus connection to the Atlas controller is required.
  • Retrofit and Parallel: Existing barriers can be integrated with analog readout systems through the use of Smart Relais or actuators.
  • Safety: It is essential to include sensors to ensure that the bar reopens in the event of an impact, to avoid injury to people or vehicles.

A practical case

Consider a company parking lot with a constant flow of vehicles. By implementing the 1NCA IP66 system with reading via smartphone, employees can gain access without having to roll down the window. At busy times, the use of HyperTag enables quick and smooth access, reducing queues and improving overall efficiency.

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