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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are common in many facilities, providing an elegant and functional entrance. Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-based access control solutions improve the security and efficiency of these doors by integrating advanced technologies for smooth and reliable control.

Technological Solutions for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often equipped with automation such as radar or sensors that detect the presence of users. However, for more secure access control, devices such as the 1NCA IP66 reader or Smart Relay can be integrated.


This multi-standard reader can be used for both entry and exit, facilitating access with RFID badges or smartphones. Versions include models with a numeric keypad for PIN code use, although they are not ideal for high-flow environments.

Smart Relay

This device makes it possible to open electric sliding doors by closing a contact. It can be installed with built-in or external Bluetooth antenna, and handles up to 300 credentials, making the system highly flexible and adaptable to different needs.

Usable Credentials

Sliding doors can be managed through different types of credentials:

  • Physical: RFID cards, tags, badges.
  • Digital: Smartphone, HyperTag for quick and automated access.

The use of digital credentials improves access speed, reducing waiting times. However, it is important to balance security to avoid unnecessary openings.

Implementation and Technical Considerations

Installation of a sliding door access control system can follow two modes: online and offline. With physical connection via bus or IP, installation is simplified by the availability of an internal IP network.

For doors already equipped with control systems, the integration of new solutions can be handled in parallel, using devices such as the Smart Relay or 1NCA readers.

A practical case

In a company’s headquarters, sliding doors at the main entrance can be managed through 1NCA Smart Readers, allowing access with smartphones or RFID badges. Authorized users can enter quickly without contact, improving flow and security.