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The latest features released by Sofia Locks’ product development team (March 2022)

Sofia Locks’ Product Development team is constantly improving our access control solution, by releasing features that allow our product to differentiate in safety, efficiency and responsiveness.

Giovanni Bettinazzi, our Product Director, illustrates the features that have been released this year.

HyperLocks 2.0

Our electronic locks become even more modern thanks to the integration of the new BLE 5 standard. This feature allows Luckey to become even more powerful, reliable and flexible.

In-App GDPR right to cancellation support

The In-App GDPR right to cancellation support is a feature developed to embrace the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This feature allows users to request the cancellation of their Luckey account and virtual credentials in real time to the manager.

Improved system health-check

Having real-time information is essential to ensure the correct operation of the systems. The health check, thanks to our monitoring and alerting systems, allows having information on the status of the plant at all times, and, in the event of anomalies, the manager is updated by email in real-time.

Improved elevator and lifts management

This feature allows to simplify the management of elevators and lifts has been developed to facilitate the management of high flows of people, for example, in coworking and co-living.

The improved elevator and lift management system allows you to control the use of the lift, both with regard to the call to the floor , and the control of the single floor on the keypad.

As for the opening to the floor, the user can use the smartphone to call the elevator and get to the selected floor. This feature allows to enable the use only to authorized users.

As for the control of the single floor on the keypad, the operation is similar, only authorized users will have the possibility to access the specific floor thanks to virtual credentials.

In- App Office Mode management

The in-app office mode management has been developed to meet the needs of workplaces or, more generally, of spaces with a high turnover. It has been developed to manage the accesses to busy gateways, such as the inner door of offices, the entrances of stores, and logistic warehouses ao restaurants.

This feature allows setting personalized programs for the locks, so that it can open and remain so throughout the duration of the program and then close automatically at the end, facilitating the management of the flow of users.