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The security PIN, the new authentication method of Luckey

The product development team of Sofia Locks has released a new feature that enables a new authentication method to access the Luckey Mobile App: the security PIN. It is asked to users every time that they access the App and can be supported by a biometric factor, according to the discretion of the user.

Through the Luckey App, in the settings, users can activate and disable the PIN code option. Once the user has activated it, he should decide on a five numbers code and confirm it, and suddenly decide whether to associate a biometrical factor or not.

In the settings, it is also possible to activate or disable the TouchId and modify the current PIN code.

The introduction of this functionality implies that the Luckey App of iOS and Android secure storage is safer than normal async storage. The PIN is used to encrypt the information needed to perform the opening operations.

How to recover the PIN when lost or forgotten

In case the user forgets or loses his personal PIN, he can reset it by following the PIN recovery procedure, which consists of:

  1. When the user requires a new PIN code, he will be sent an OTP code
  2. The user enters the received OTP code
  3. The code is validated by the Jago service
  4. If the code is valid, the user can reset a new login PIN.

It is always possible to disable the PIN via the App settings.