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A single partner for the safety and security of your buildings

As simple as it may seem a door, it is an essential element to access a building or several areas inside it, as it ensures its safety. Gateways have a crucial role in buildings, as they must not only ensure access and security, but also safety. In few words, gateways must allow users to leave the buiding safely in case of emergencies, such as fires or earthquakes.

Doors must also be a tool that can be used by everyone, if not properly managed they become an architectural barrier that restricts access to people with reduced mobility. For this reason, a partner who deals with the management of the doors of a building must be able to propose complete solutions, which meet the following needs:

  • Security: access authorization management and anti-burglary hardware;
  • Safety: management of the gateway in case of emergency;
  • Accessibility: management of access to the structure for people with reduced mobility.

Management of the Security

Security management, especially in very high flexibility scenarios such as co-living and coworking, becomes complex without an access control solution that can easily and effectively manage the real-time updates and changes of credentials and permissions at any moment. For this reason, a wireless access control system with stand-alone devices combined with the power of a cloud platform that allows easy software integrations is essential for the secure management of flexible spaces.

Safety Management

ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies and Sofia Locks provide a wide range of panic bars that can be used on the main part of locks existing on the market.

Thanks to the ISEO Trim Tronic device it is possible to associate the panic bars with the cloud access control system to grant a secure access from the escape routes.

The correct management of fire doors is also essential, to ensure it we have panic bars and access control devices specifically designed.

Accessibility Management

Our range of electronic Door Openers allows to automatically open a gateway to facilitate access to people with reduced mobility. Thanks to the opening via smartphone or via Bluetooth, it is possible to give a remote opening command at a distance of a few meters, also adjusting the time of opening of the door.

Here are some explanatory videos: