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AirBnb, B&B and holiday homes: this is how electronic locks and remote management revolutionize the business.

Tourism is going through a profound transformation in the last few years, which is changing its foundations and connotations. With the introduction of the technologies, in fact, new operators of the sector were born to integrate the work done by the more traditional travel agencies (such as the service:, or to create new sales channels for the hospitality sector (this is the case with:

With particular reference to the “extra-hotel industry” (we refer to small B&Bs, holiday homes and services like AirBnb), the use of electronic locks connected, allows us to solve a very actual problem. We talk about the problem of key delivery, during check-in, and the collection of the keys, during the check-out phase. In fact, in the case of AirBnb and B&B, these operations are complex, because, unlike hotels, there is no reception: all this complicates the delivery and collection of keys by new guests, cleaning staff and any repairs.

The cost of managing physical keys today

A survey conducted by interviewing our clients has shown that the cost of managing physical keys can exceed 60.000 euros per year for short-term rental companies that manage less than 100 rooms. On the contrary, using solutions like Otello by Sofia Locks that use smart locks, the costs would be reduced to less than a few thousand euros per year, with savings of over 90%.

How is it possible that there is such a high cost reduction?

With the adoption of connected locks, users can receive the virtual key directly on the smartphone, in a simple and intuitive way, just like receiving a Whatsapp message. Received this message, in fact, can directly access the structure during the entire period of stay, or only in the time slots dedicated to maintenance work in the case of employees of the activity.

Do you need complex systems or control units to be installed?

The use of a remote solution, based on the secure cloud (the same technology used by products like Netflix, Gmail, Dropbox) does not require the installation of any type of system locally, without the need for wiring and control units. Just install a simple smart lock (see here) and, through an app on your smartphone, you can manage everything.

But this solution, is it safe?

Making virtual (or digital) the key, increases security: in fact, on the one hand, the key is not physically duplicable and is uniquely linked to the user’s smartphone, which can only use it after entering the phone unlock code (or fingerprint, for smartphones that support it); on the other hand, all keys have a validity period (which can be shortened or lengthened as desired by the administrator at any time) outside of which access is not allowed, drastically reducing the probability of unauthorized access.

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