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Technological management of public transport infrastructures

Smart access management

For companies distributed throughout the territory, cloud native access control is a real revolution. Sofia Locks already serves important public transport companies, and helps them in the intelligent management of resources and work.

Sofia Locks Luckey allows you to manage all assets and collaborators from a single cloud panel, reducing operating costs and simplifying the work of managers and operational figures.

Distributed attendance control, how it works

Sofia Locks in collaboration with Peoplelink offers a complete solution for the operation and security of the company.

Distributed attendance control makes use of three key elements:

  • the smart lock, the locks that bring intelligence directly to the gate, without wiring
  • Luckey App, an access control system born in the cloud, is accessible and secure that transforms your company
  • The HR suite Peoplelink, an access control system born in the cloud, is accessible and secure that transforms your company

The attendance control of the operators is then carried out directly in the distributed premises: the secure communication between the smartphone and the smart lock allows the operator to access and authenticate it by communicating its presence to the system in a secure and unambiguous way.

Virtual badge

In modern companies, the badge turns into an App with several functionalities. Thanks to mobile credentials operators log in to a dedicated application that they can download onto their corporate or personal smartphones. From that moment on, the smartphone is all they need to access company spaces and technical rooms securely.

It is not just a “digital card”, but a powerful means that increases efficiency and autonomy in work.

Serve the territory in real time with the secure cloud

Access control technology today must be thought and designed for cloud infrastructures. Sofia Locks has developed a powerful solution to guarantee safety and flexibility entirely cloud-based.

There are many advantages for the efficiency and profitability of the business. In particular, for companies that serve the territory, it is possible to create a private access control network that manages any space in real-time, over an area of unlimited size. From access permissions to the analysis of the use of the premises, everything can be achieved without complex infrastructures, and from a virtual operations center, securely accessible from any device.