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Smart working becomes reality with the flexible workplace of Sofia Locks and Peoplelink

Sofia Locks and Peoplelink provide modern solutions to manage spaces, personnel, operations, safety, and security. Today in Italy there are too many companies that carry out in a traditional form (even with paper) activities that can be digitalized, obtaining a significant reduction of costs, and an increase of flexibility and security.

The boundle Sofia Locks and Peoplelink allow to immediately activate the smart working logic in the companies. This is how the flexible workplace works. This is how the flexible workplace works.

From smart working to flexible workplace

Smart working is a very fashionable expression used to point out the latest trend of the labor market. This revolution has had a great impact on many aspects of companies and professional lives, and it is necessary to manage it, to ensure a growing future.

Who better understands all the aspects of this change considers it more correct to speak about flexible workplace that is, of spaces dedicated to work that adapt to the needs of those who work, and to the activities that must be carried out. This is, in fact, the most interesting aspect, the change in perspective that led to a situation in which people used to adapt to their work needs (the exemplary case of commuters) to a whole new context in which spaces and resources adapt to the needs of workers. This is exactly the paradigm of flexibility.


The three Bs of flexibility: Bricks, Bytes, Behaviour

Whether driven by a need for innovation or a necessity, many companies soon realized that flexible working models increase productivity and improve the whole environment. Offices are no longer seen as simple workplaces, but as spaces open to productivity, creativity, and shared life, which facilitate the networking and the exchange of knowledge. The increase in productivity and greater resilience of the company organization can be achieved by respecting three fundamental principles: space, digitization, and good practices.

  • Bricks, the space: offices are first and foremost places where people spend a great part of their day, and their features influence the quality of the work done. Open and private areas must be well distributed and designed to meet the needs of employees. The resources (such as meeting rooms or work devices) must be available and easily shared. To create a productive operating environment spaces must be designed down to the last detail, to adapt them to the needs of the business, and the security and safety of workers. Open space supports the collaboration, while private rooms the development of specific tasks.
  • Bytes, the digitalization: today the smartphone is the answer to many daily needs. After having been the means to reach all the digital services that have facilitated our lives, it has also begun to interact with physical objects (today it is normal to use a rental car through a smartphone). Millennials, which are the young workforce today, are accustomed to get almost everything through mobile. From interactions with colleagues to the organization of work plans, to daily operations, up to access to offices and the use of printers. Each action can be carried out through the personal smartphone in a smart working environment.
  • Behaviour, the best practices: the working environment involves both the personal and the relational dimensions of people. For this reason, it is fundamental that the operativity and the management of employees are supported by adequate tools that facilitate to the maximum the fluidity of the job. From security and presence checks to reporting, a system with modern standards avoids problems and difficulties. A safe and secure sharing of information allows everyone to access what they need for their work while keeping the company safe and always updated with the latest protection standards.


Sofia Locks and Peoplelink offer

Sofia Locks and Peoplelink stand up for their innovative offers designed for the enterprise world. The bundle of products and services allows companies to realize in a very short time a complete workspace. Here is what included in the package:

  • Cloud-native access control with smart locks: the cloud-native access control system is always updated, and it is compatible both with smartphones, and MIFARE badges. It allows managers to control who can access spaces and resources in real-time, to manage users from any device, and to keep safe and secure the whole company. The solution is plug&play, provided with smart locks, designed to suit any type of European gateway, and wireless.
  • Smart management of resources and bookings: smart management of the access to the resources and their booking is fundamental for the safe implementation of the smart working standards. Resources such as meeting rooms or lockers can be assigned with the resource sharing logic and can be booked autonomously by users only when needed.
  • Real-time analysis of spaces and resources use: all the data about the use of spaces and resources are available in real-time, to optimize the operativity and the analysis of consumptions. Thanks to the advanced control panel it is possible to manage security standards and to create new business opportunities. Organize and check the access of individuals and groups to rooms, buildings, or resources has never been easier.
  • Attendees report: the concept of attendees reports has been revolutionized with the development of the first software designed to ease this process. Thanks to the specific system it is possible to manage with a click not only the acquisition of attendances, but also the organization of holidays, travel, and any justification in the field of human resources. The data collected through reports and statistical plans also allow to improve staff management flows.
  • Smart management of human resources: thanks to automation it is possible to have a complete suite of functions that allow to have all the processes related to human resources under control, from personal management to approval workflow, from employees evaluation form to training courses, from the timesheet reporting to the business activities management, from production reward to penalties, and from the vacation plan management to the hours of overtime statistics, sick days or general status of the workforce.
  • Expense reports and accountability: accountability and expense reports should be managed everytime that an employee should do a business trip or meet clients and collaborators, by paying in advance. Thanks to web, paperless, and mobile solutions it is possible to autonomously manage the whole process, from the approval workflow to the payment. This one can be supplied in different ways, with a credit on the bank account, on the payslip, or on the expense report, always in compliance with company policies.

The working environment has changed rapidly and the consequences on the market have been many. In this context, companies need digital solutions to keep up with the continuous changes. Flexible working is revolutionizing the labor market and increasing business flexibility, although, to do so, adequate technological solutions are needed. Sofia Locks and Peoplelink allow companies to embrace the digital revolution, gaining a working space provided with everything that is necessary to ensure users and managers maximum flexibility and security.