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Cloud-based access control: the new standard of the labor market

In recent years the labor market has changed and has become increasingly orientated towards hybrid solutions, like coworking. This evolution has given rise to new business models focused on the presence of shared spaces, their arrangement and administration, and the services offered.

Managing a coworking is complex, it is necessary to coordinate several operations involving the efficiency of the supervisor, the client satisfaction and the security of the structure. Managers have to implement innovative, flexible and scalable solutions to simplify their tasks and gain a competitive advantage.

Cloud-based access control systems transform mechanical keys into virtual ones, allowing users to access spaces and services by means of their smartphones. The functioning is intuitive, at each booking the system creates precise rules that can be changed or deleted instantly and automatically expire at the end of the working relationship. Spaces and resources can be coordinated in real-time using mobile credentials. Also different branches, located in different cities or nations, can be controlled remotely and in mobility.

Cloud native access control solutions are scalable, they grow with the business and include plugins integrations. In this way managers can add several functions, simplifying their operations and providing up-to-date services in line with users’ needs. For example, analytics show spaces and resources usage data in real-time. This information is worthy for managers because it allows them to modify the offering according to the preferences of customers, improving clients’ experience and generating new revenues.

Finally, these systems increase the security level of the structure, because they can record when doors are opened, and the device used to unlock them. Cloud-based solutions are designed to be secure in their entirety, indeed, they are supplied and maintained by specialized teams.

Sofia Locks cloud-based access control system is the ideal tool to manage mobile credentials with precise access rules, it is flexible, scalable and has high-security standards. It has all that is needed to coordinate activities between business and users. Moreover, the advantages over traditional solutions are many.