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Coworking changes the concept of space

In recent years the workplace has changed, the supply of independent spaces has become consistent , and has established after the adoption of these solutions in the real estate strategies.

Coworking has quickly spread, it has revolutionized the concepts of office, and space, which is meant as a service now. Such a paradigm has reached the maturity stage, thus these structures need innovative solutions to maintain the market leadership and diversify the offering from the ones of competitors.

Cloud-based access control systems allow managing shared spaces through the smartphone: virtual badges are integrated into users’ devices, solving the problem of distributing physical badges and mechanical keys. The use is intuitive, through the designated App and the assigned credentials users will be able to access any available resource. Moreover, thanks to the advanced features they can make reservations in real-time.

Another key advantage is flexibility. Cloud-based access control systems provide customized mobile credentials to better meet the needs of businesses and users. Through personalized subscriptions, it is possible to make precise allocations of slots, create groups of resources and define authorized and inhibited access areas.

These systems achieve high safety standards. They are designed to be safe in their entirety and are kept by specialized teams that manage maintenance and upgrades.

Sofia Locks cloud-based access control system is a smart solution that opens up to many activities in the era of sharing economy. The access control virtualization has several advantages over traditional systems, it represents the ideal tool to manage flexible and dynamic workplaces. Finally, it is scalable, it grows with the specific reality, maintaining high safety standards.