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Digitalization at the service of cohousing: a new project in the North of Milan

The phenomenon of collective living, based on the sharing of social values and common spaces, is rapidly increasing and new experimental and creative models are emerging. Flexible living spaces are without doubts market trends that arise from the digital revolution and have revolutionized the concept of space along with the paradigm of flexibility and modularity. In this context, Co-living, Social Housing, and Cohousing are born.

Cohousing is a model dedicated only to residency with an approach aimed at creating a community of people that don’t belong to the same family, for example, students or off-site workers, that share the same home. To enable the creation of a community is the first aim of these businesses, designed to provide permanent housing. This is one of the main differences with the co-living, the length of stay for the latter is short, moreover, these are designed to combine residency with accommodation.

Sofia Locks cooperates with one of the main found in Milan working at a social cohousing project located in the north of the city. The architectural structure of these residential solutions has been designed to enable new sociality and sharing models between the inhabitants and to enhance the surrounding environment with huge green areas provided with recreational areas dedicated to fitness and play. Optimization and flexibility are essential features, spaces have to be easily adapted to the different needs of the single residents, from families to students.

This social housing project is located in a modern neighborhood, which stands as a high-connectivity reality in which technology is at the service of citizens and housing. Optical fiber, free Wi-Fi, social communities, and video surveillance are just some of the equipment provided, which are designed to meet every single need in real-time. Smart services can be used through the neighborhood App that allows users not only to manage the surrounding spaces in a self-service way, but also allows booking areas and common resources, and access information, like the quality of air or energy consumption of the apartment.

The cloud native technology becomes an enabling element for the creation of the neighbor App thanks to its ability to be easily integrated with APIs and mobile SDK. Cloud management enables multiple advantages in an ecosystem of strength digitalization: it allows to simplify the system that controls security in multiple gateways located in a huge area, it enables precise management of the privacy and offers the configuration of the level of details of the logs. With Sofia Locks, privacy is respected and enhanced, being able to choose carefully the level of data sharing along with the needs of users and businesses.

Sofia Locks cloud native technology is thought to support the sharing of new businesses, by embracing flexibility and modularity without compromising security and privacy. Our systems are made to enhance the redesign of cities, to make them smart and sustainable, able to fit any solution. We believe that technology should optimize operations, simplify people’s lives, reduce effort, cut costs, and improve security and safety. By integrating cloud native technologies we make all this possible and we offer the market the access control of tomorrow.