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Introducing HyperTouch: Enhanced Access Technology by Sofia Locks

Sofia Locks presents HyperTouch: the App distribution platform for the real estate market, a revolutionary channel that brings interactions and services directly into buildings.

Cloud-native access control technologies by Sofia Locks have already lifted the building security management to a modern practice prising financial and operational flexibility. Today, Sofia Locks clients can benefit from fully user-driven space management that supports resource sharing, reservation logic, adaptive staging, and short leases. Sofia Locks’ technology enables the design of new real estate business models.

The HyperTouch platform brings the App economy to the real estate market, enabling developers and third-party service providers to bring Apps and services directly to the physical touchpoint, i.e., to building doors and entryways. Sofia Locks integrates into the real estate market what until now belonged to other sectors, namely the endless possibilities of a platform of services and Apps.

The HyperTouch platform is built on Sofia Locks’ access control system, a phygital control network that supports wireless on-line, wired on-line, and off-line installations, with smart locks (HyperLocks) and smart gateways (HyperGates). To date, Sofia Locks has provided its customers and users with flexible access control solutions (Luckey), a highly available space access management tool (Luckey Manager), real-time analytics (Luckey Data), a RESTful access control engine (Jago Cloud), and an integrated resource reservation system (Bookey). The new platform enables a new level of cloud-based access control technology to provide a unique experience in buildings and spaces.

The real estate market is facing numerous changes, which have made flexibility, resilience and vision, key assets to gain a competitive advantage in the market. New business models (such as coworking and co-living) have emerged and many of them are gaining maturity, in terms of traction of demand and quality of the offering. Technology is playing a leading role all over the market, from the building management to operation and maintenance, into making real estate products successful and closer to people’s needs. Meanwhile the global vision of investors has changed, ESG frameworks have seen the light. The concept of social responsibility has been outgrown toward a different understanding of companies (and real estate projects) that considers the effects on the environment in which they operate; it is no longer only responsibility that is considered, but also the various parameters of economic sustainability. The service economy enables companies to react to fluctuations in demand and to achieve high performance in terms of required standards.

The HyperTouch is the smart touchpoint designed for doors and entryways, providing managers with a new level of control over spaces. It natively supports fluid digital credentials, which can be delivered to the user as physical RFID cards, PIN codes, App-managed digital credentials, App-less with QR code, and more. ‘HyperTouch allows the spaces to be accessed with different tokens as needed: a regular user can manage personal credentials via App, while an occasional guest can use App-less or QR code credentials.

In addition, any door equipped with a HyperTouch device can be remotely managed in terms of defining the access mode and, thanks to this technology, destination management: a space preconfigured for a private event can be transformed into the venue of an event thanks to remote digital check-in.

The service is based on cloud infrastructure, IoT devices and Sofia Locks software solutions. It allows any software solutions provider to develop custom Apps to respond to any kind of needs. CyberSecurity is ensured through the use of best-in-class secure-by-design approaches, state-of-the-art IoT platforms and secure communication channels. Many Apps are already provided by Sofia Locks bundled with the solution and ready to change the way companies manage their spaces and interact with their customers. Among the services provided will be remote conciergerie, enterprise management of meeting rooms, and gamification of ESG principles and sustainability.


Alessandro La Fauci

Senior Marketing Consultant

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