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Real Estate Tech Talks 2023 – End-to-End Property Servitization

The housing market is facing a number of significant challenges and changes: demand is increasingly changing, competition tight, and regulations increasingly reward the value of properties to the community. These macro trends are influencing investor preferences and require a new operating model that focuses on integrating innovative solutions into real estate.

Value, people and technology are the main drivers of real estate projects that can cope with the realities of the modern market. To meet changing demand and increase quality, real estate operators need smooth operations supported by cutting-edge data and technology paradigms. This allows value to be delivered where its impact is maximized: to people.

Watch the official presentation of the event (Italian with subtitles)

From coworking to built-to-rent, from co-living to new multifunctional neighborhoods, successful real estate projects take the form of comprehensive products with end-to-end operational management, value-added service offerings, and community management by specialized operators who make use of customer-centric technologies.

The real estate projects that will revolutionize the future are those that are redefining the way we manage, live and interact with spaces. To promote integration and innovation in the real estate sector, the Real Estate Tech Talks event was held on June 22, 2023 at the Wellio Dante coworking space, managed by Covivio. This opportunity allowed professionals and designers in the Italian real estate sector to exchange views and was attended by companies operating along the entire production chain in the sector. The main objective was to foster the integration needed to offer future real estate products and ensure stability in investment returns.

Lorenzo Farsi, Head of Business Development at Revalo, John Maria Mancini, Founder and CEO of TopLife Concierge and Alessandro La Fauci, marketing director of Sofia part of ISEO, the organizers of the event, presented an integrated offer, which includes. property management, community management and people care, as well as technologies for security and flexible space management. The offering is designed to support innovative projects that require optimized operations, value-added services, and a focus on people.

During the event, the integration of technology in the real estate sector was analyzed. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, technology plays a crucial role in improving the value and functionality of properties. From new generations of smart buildings equipped with advanced automation systems to innovative platforms that optimize property management, the latest advances that are redefining the real estate industry in Italy were presented.

Another aspect emphasized was the importance of creating spaces that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people who inhabit them. Every building, every space, should be designed to improve the quality of life for the people and communities that inhabit it. The goal is to create environments that foster productivity, well-being and a sense of belonging.

The Real Estate Tech Talks focused on the tangible value of real estate projects and investments, considering the importance of creating spaces that meet the needs of the people who inhabit them. Proposed solutions include strategies for consumption monitoring, ESG compliance and management based on circular economy principles. Through the integration of real-time data analytics technologies, we aim to maximize the well-being of people and communities by creating flexible and user-friendly spaces.

Following the presentation by the organizers, prominent guests from the national real estate industry presented exemplary projects in innovation and vision. Architect Elena Fusar Poli, project manager of Planet Smart City, presented the project SeiMilano , an urban regeneration project has returned a previously disused area of the city to Milan, creating a new smart ecosystem. Planet Smart City has integrated more than 60 smart solutions into the project aimed at promoting a sustainable, technological environment and supporting the needs of park residents and users. Among these solutions is a digital platform called PlanetApp, which connects residents to services and initiatives offered by the conciergerie, community managers, administrator, and neighborhood. The app also serves as a tool to enable a smart access system, book shared spaces, and view personal consumption.

Next, Stefano Leoni, Head of Digital Asset Management at Tecma Solutions, presented the Tecma Software Suite the first comprehensive software suite for managing innovative real estate activities, and the ideal basis for driving marketing strategies. Through seamless digital processes, it optimizes business management, strategic planning and execution. Comprehensive tools and features cover all aspects of operations, from marketing to execution. Tecma enables you to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns, reaching your target audience with precision. It also streamlines digital processes, optimizing workflow and increasing overall business efficiency.

For those interested in learning more about the upcoming Real Estate Tech Talks or would like a more detailed presentation of the offering, simply contact We will be happy to provide further information and insights.

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