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The evolution of Luckey: an overview of the features released this year

During this last year, Luckey has evolved a lot, thanks to many different features which have been developed by our Product Development team. Here is an overview of all the different evolutions:

Online open and turnstile management: this feature allows you to manage the opening of the turnstiles in a new and innovative way: by scanning the Hypertag (NFC or QR code) associated with the gateway the turnstiles will open instantly, without using Bluetooth. It has been specifically developed for gateways with an elevated flow of people, as it allows a quick opening and easy integrations, which are a priority in this context.

HyperLocks 2.0: the new BLE 5 standard has been integrated into our electronic locks, to make them even more modern, reliable, and flexible.

In-App GDPR right to cancellation support: this feature has been developed to embrace the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as allows users to request the cancellation of their Luckey account and virtual credentials in real-time to the manager.

Improved system health-check: real-time information is essential to grant the right functioning of a system. The health-check allows having information on the status of the plant at any time, in order to be always informed also on anomalies.

Improved elevator and lift management: facilitating the management of high flows of people, for example, in coworking and co-living, is fundamental. The improved elevator and lift management system allows you to control the use of the lift, both with regard to the call to the floor, and the control of the single floor on the keypad.

In-App Office Mode management: this feature has been developed to meet the need for spaces with a high turnover, as it improves the management of accesses to busy gateways, such as the inner door of offices, the entrances of stores, and logistic warehouses of restaurants. Through the in-app office mode management, it is possible to set personalized programs for the locks, so that they can open and remain so throughout the duration of the program and then close automatically at the end, facilitating the management of the flow of users.

Explore button: it represents the revolution of Luckey’s graphical interface. Through the explore menu it is possible to see the credentials and cards assigned, reserve resources, such as the meeting room, and receive communications.

Register of deliveries and physical keys: keeping a record of all the objects delivered to the users/residents, such as physical keys, master cards, or any other object, and have track of them through the App has never been easier! Once an element is assigned to a user, it will be visible directly from the application. And the flexibility of the registry allows for indicating the different generic resources, to meet the needs of different users.

Virtual Dashboard: Luckey allows users to build a virtual dashboard of the building where it is possible to send communications both to all users and to specific ones. Once communications have been sent, they can be read directly through the App.

Smart Opening: this feature allows you to open gateways by simply using the Luckey Application and bringing the phone to the desired door. The App will be able to distinguish if you are in close proximity to a lock for which you have a virtual key and will send an open command automatically.

Installation Mode: it ensures the security of access control systems and the ability to manage installers independently. From the “installers” section it is possible to create accounts for staff, which can authorize the configuration of locks and gateways, and carry out their maintenance. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the installation mode of the system: if activated this allows installers to operate on the system, while if disabled installers will not be able to make changes.

Privacy Center: through this feature users can ask for the deletion of their personal data, enable or disable their preferences, and consult our privacy policy and terms of service. Moreover, it is possible to set the level of privacy of the system according to the different needs, limit or deactivate the access log or determine a custom data collection window.

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