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How real estate is changing. What enables you to do business

How to enable coworking to do, or enhance, their business is the theme analysed by our CEO, Alessandro Nacci, during the interview made by Jean-Yves Huwart for the Coworking Europe Conference. The real estate market has really changed in the last few years, new social trends have spread, technological solutions have established, and real problems like urbanization and sustainability have been debated. All these topics represent the focus of the Coworking Europe Conference, the event that supports the development of modern business models and the achievement of new business environments, like coworkings.

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This year the conference will take place in Vienna, in November, from 25 to 27, and we will be there with our partner, Iseo Serrature. Innovation is going to be a main topic, as it represents the key to compete in the modern landscape and enables companies to gain new business opportunities.

The dynamism of the real estate market has led companies to invest in innovative systems to keep up with the fast changing environment. Technological solutions are essential not only to embrace new trends, but also to cut operating costs. Through new generation software everything can be virtualized and managed in a full digital way, optimizing complex operations. For example, different working spaces can be managed by using a smartphone, from anywhere. Managers can have live statistics on entrances rules under real-time control, and fix dynamic access prices consequently based on the use of resources. Not only the control of coworkings, co-livings, and offices can be virtualized, but also any flexible or shared space, like bicycle storages. Sofia Locks systems are designed not only to improve the security of the spaces they’re integrated in, but also to be business enablers! Companies can’t implement successful strategies when they keep technology and business apart, they should always proceed side by side and be constantly updated and tuned. In this way not only the competitive position is improved, but also the customer experience. Understanding our customers’ needs is essential for us, this is why we have implemented a co-design process to see which hardware and software combinations fit the customer’s use case. To complete our offering, we also welcome integrations, both with third party partners and with single customers (and we already have a good number of them). Our systems are flexible also from the management point of view. The demand for flexible workspaces, like coworkings, has increased in the suburbs, as people now have the possibility to work remotely. Our cloud-based solutions improve the management of different buildings, because all the locations can be managed with a single panel. Operations are thus centralized and automated by intelligent software. Proptech solutions have revolutionized the whole real estate market, not only have they outpaced old systems and solutions with new smart standards, but they have entirely changed the way things are accomplished and the space is perceived by people.

Watch the full interview